Rajhrad - Židlochovice - Vranovice - Popice - Dolní Věstonice + Back train

The route for cycling lovers - suitable as a day trip. It takes visitors to southern Moravia, closer to the Pálava Highlands. The return journey is chosen by train.
You can go to the starting point of our trip either directly from Brno-Modřice, or as in this case use the train stop in Rajhrad, and start the ride there.


Information for visitors

Adress: Masarykova 90, Rajhrad
GPS: 49.08766080, 16.60421330
Rajhrad - Židlochovice - Vranovice - Popice - Dolní Věstonice + Back train map

Interesting facts Rajhrad - Židlochovice - Vranovice - Popice - Dolní Věstonice + Back train

Directly in this village it is worth mentioning the Benedictine monastery with a monument of literature - the whole area was designed by the famous architect J. Santini. Follow the red sign, which starts right at the monastery and leads along the banks of the Svratka River. Drive through the village of Vojkovice. In a few moments you are already standing on the border of the village Židlochovice, where you can see for example the local castle and other religious monuments. In the center of Židlochovice, join the cycle route No. 4, and continue along it out of the village and further through Žabčice, Unkovice and Přínostice towards Vranovice. The road leads through an unforested landscape on a plain - which guarantees far visibility.

In Vranovice, you will cross a cycle path called "Moravská vinná" and you will notice a change in the character of the landscape - floodplain forests, vineyards and rising peaks of Pálava. After passing the village of Popice, you are really a short walk from the Nové mlýny reservoir. It is best to follow it following the red lane markings. On the very bank of the dam is the village of Strachotín - a small dock, from where it is possible to take a cruise on the lake.

From Dolní Věstonice you are only separated by a crossing on a dam between two lakes - there is a normal asphalt road. Dolní Věstonice is known as an important archaeological site for the discovery of historical artifacts, especially the so-called Věstonice Venus.
Several other attractive places in the area - after a short look at the map, however, everyone will certainly choose for themselves.
Dívčí hrad - a place with a beautiful view of the whole region and the castle ruins, Děvín - lookout point, the main point of Pálava, Moravian wine cycle path - mentioned in the introduction - guides cyclists through the most famous and famous wine regions, wine tasting, Kletnice - peak with Orphan's Castle and Table Mountain.

On the way back by train, it is necessary to return to the village of Popice to the local train station.


Author: Martina Zapletalová