Hodonín - Mikulčice - Moravská Nová Ves + Back train

Cycling route suitable for a recreational ride or family trip. It leads through a beautiful flat landscape of South Moravian vineyards.

Hodonín Mikulčice

Information for visitors

Adress: Redlichova, Hodonín
GPS: 48.85359890, 17.11793610
Hodonín - Mikulčice - Moravská Nová Ves + Back train map

Interesting facts Hodonín - Mikulčice - Moravská Nová Ves + Back train

Before setting off on the route itself, it is worth mentioning the attraction right in Hodonín. In its northwestern part there is a smaller but nice zoo - a kilometer away by the red sign from the Hodonín railway station. The Museum of Petroleum Mining and Geology is even closer to the train station.

Embark on a journey from the south-western end of Hodonín, past the power plant for the cycle route called Lužická (No. 45). After it, you will leave the city on the field in a short time, and after its sharp break to the right in front of you, you will see the first Lusatian vineyards. Not far from the road, a small river Kyjovka flows and the natural swimming pool Lužák is offered for refreshment. In the next stage you will pass the humni of the village of Lusatia and your ride will be accompanied by tracks on the right side of the road.

The village of Mikulčice is indirectly connected to Lusatia. Wine lovers will certainly notice because it is a relatively well-known area. In addition to several wine cellars, you will also find an information center in the center of the village. A few meters from this center, turn onto the bike path No. 44, which will take you to the left side of the village.

In this direction you will come to the archeological site Mikulčice - the largest site ever discovered in our country. Its age dates back to the period of Great Moravia. From this stop, the road deviates to the right, leads through wooded areas and nearby you can hear the bustle of the Morava River. After all, it is possible to look directly at the river, from the crossroads called "English Alley" it is a weak two kilometers drive. The bike path forms a kind of circuit here, so it will take you back to this place without any problems.

To the end of the journey, take the cycle route number 43B, the path leads here along the plain and its course will be diversified by three large lakes, collectively called "Štěrkovna". In Moravská Nová Ves you can continue your journey further - there are many trails crossing here or you can have a good Moravian wine and wait for the train going to Břeclav or back to Hodonín.


Author: Martina Zapletalová