Nemojany - Račice - Nemojany

A shorter but challenging route that leads through a populated landscape pleasantly alternating with vast hills and forests. The trip will be appreciated especially by lovers of nature and natural swimming.

Information for visitors

Adress: Nemojany 113, Nemojany
GPS: 49.24785940, 16.91588250
Nemojany - Račice - Nemojany map

Interesting facts Nemojany - Račice - Nemojany

Depart from the village Nemojany in the direction of Luleč. The villages are directly connected, so it will not be far. For the first stop (especially lovers of church monuments will appreciate it), choose the church of St. Martin with the Stations of the Cross and a view. You can reach it after one of the left turns from the main road.

In Lulč also stands the church of St. Isidora with a relatively interesting and nice architecture. Continue along the cycle route No. 5017. Not far from the church, not far from the parking lot, the local swimming pool is also quite interesting. It is a former flooded quarry, in which pools with stone elements were built.

Next, the road will take you to the forest, where you will first climb the contour and then a slight descent. He will lead you to the shore of Pistovický rybník. On its shore there is a cottage area. After a short stop and gaining more strength, continue through the village of Pístovice to the adjacent Račice. You can make the crossing either on the quieter cycle route 5072A or on the road and markings 5072.

At the end of the village, on a small hill stands a local castle. Currently, it serves as a hostel for social organizations, but a short walk in the park and a view of the impressive building is also a nice experience. In addition, you can get a tourist stamp here.

For the way back, use the cycle route No. 5072. Just before Pístovice, turn right onto the local road without markings. The road here overcomes the same elevation and measures approximately the same. A small pond on the right side of the road called Chobot can serve as a diversification even before the village of Nemojany.


Author: Martina Zapletalová