Vranov nad Dyjí - Lesná - reservoir Vranov - Vranov nad Dyjí

A bike trip through a pleasant environment around the river Dyje and through the local forests, but in some places difficult to climb.

Vranov nad Dyjí

Information for visitors

Adress: Bítovská 366, Vranov nad Dyjí
GPS: 48.90112250, 15.81466170
Vranov nad Dyjí - Lesná - reservoir Vranov - Vranov nad Dyjí map

Interesting facts Vranov nad Dyjí - Lesná - reservoir Vranov - Vranov nad Dyjí

From the town of Vranov nad Dyjí, follow the cycling route No. 5122, also called Mlynářská. Already during the first meters, a view of the river and the Vranov chateau on the opposite bank opens up in front of you. Another not too far stop is the rock formation Hamerské vrásky. It is a strip of rocks on the banks of the river. The road winds around the river Dyje, leading mainly through inhabited areas, which definitely leave at a place called Zadní hamry. Not far from here is an interesting rope bridge leading to the other bank.

After the next turn, a relatively unpleasant ascending section leading through the forest begins. You will conquer about 400 altitude meters, which you will then descend again. This is followed by a gentler ascent, at the top of which be careful to cross the routes and turn sharply left onto cycle route No. 48. After about a kilometer and a half of the road through undulating terrain, you should reach the end of the forest.

Let yourself be led to the village of Lesná, where you can take an active tour of the motorcycle museum or the local windmill. From the village, continue straight along the same cycle path until you reach a crossroads of four roads. Your route here turns right and then heads to the forest. There you will find a slight ascent and a steep descent to the level of the Vranov dam. A pleasant asphalt road will take you along its banks. The lake is really long, so be patient with the trip.

The reward will be a cable-stayed bridge, which you will come to later. It is a bridge spanning a reservoir used by hikers. On the other side you will find a camp with accommodation and refreshments and a number of other, private cottages. So go back and continue along the bike path.

Nearby is a boat dock, from where you can be taken to other distant stops - such as Bítov Castle.

You don't have to be afraid to stay on the dam any longer, as Vranov nad Dyjí is really a few meters away from the lake shore. The well-known route No. 48 along Bítovská Street will take you to the city center.


Author: Martina Zapletalová