Humpolec - Hněvkovice - Sedlice - Želiv - Humpolec

A trip to the relatively famous Želiv Monastery, a hilly landscape full of valleys and dams.

Information for visitors

Adress: Hálkova 1611, Humpolec
GPS: 49.54035470, 15.34964360
Humpolec - Hněvkovice - Sedlice - Želiv - Humpolec map

Interesting facts Humpolec - Hněvkovice - Sedlice - Želiv - Humpolec

Exit the southwest of the town of Humpolec on the cycle route No. 161. After a few meters you will be forced to cross the D1 motorway after the overpass. The village of Hněvkovice is already in sight of this important transport artery. Here you go directly along the entire bike path. At the next signpost U Čápa, pay attention to the crossing of roads. The right one will lead you to a settlement with a special name Smrdov after the ascent and subsequent descent.

Here the route turns right, heads into the forest and copies the valley above the river Želivka to the dam of the Sedlice dam. The dam is quite impressive, rocky with several arches. You can get to the village after which the dam bears its name after overcoming the serpentine and a few hundred meters. After all, you will probably still look to Sedlice on the way back.

You have about two kilometers to travel to Želiv itself on the bike path. The first section is ascending and leads through an unforested landscape. The climb ends at the short tip of the forest at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Here the hill breaks and up to Želiv the road continues with a decent descent.

Look for the Želiv Monastery in the center of the village, by the cycle route 161. A part of the Premonstratensian Monastery is also a place for tourists. A tourist stamp is also linked to this goal. In the area of ​​the monastery you will also find Trček's Castle or Žižek's Oak. Not far from here is, among other things, the Trnávka water reservoir on the Trnava river, later Želivka, which serves as a kind of cleaning tank retaining dirt in front of the Švihov dam (known as the Želivka dam). Below the dam of the water surface is an artificial canal intended for white water racing. You can get closer to the lake by following the red markings.

To return to the starting point of the journey, return along the cycle route No. 161 and continue along the cycle route marked 161B around the river Želivka. You will soon reach today's last body of water - the Vřesník dam. It is probably the smallest of all and also serves as an auxiliary dam to the most important dam Švihov. Along its bank you will reach the technical part - Sedlická hydroelectric power plant. The path leads on a steep slope, but it does not overcome the ascent and is not difficult at all.

From the hydroelectric power plant, it's just a jump to Sedlice, which you know. So you will definitely hit Humpolec yourself.
Who would still like to choose another route - longer and more frequent, he should take the road No. 129 from Želiv directly to Humpolec.


Author: Martina Zapletalová