Karlova studánka - Ovčárna - Praděd - Karlova Studánka

The route introduces cyclists to the environment of the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník and its highest mountain. It is very difficult to elevate, in the number of long-distance meters it is one of the shorter routes. It is suitable for experienced cyclists as a half-day trip.

Karlova studánka - Ovčárna - Praděd - Karlova Studánka

Information for visitors

Adress: Karlova Studánka 6, Karlova Studánka
GPS: 50.07081420, 17.30815810
Karlova studánka - Ovčárna - Praděd - Karlova Studánka map

Interesting facts Karlova studánka - Ovčárna - Praděd - Karlova Studánka

The beginning of your journey is the spa town of Karlova Studánka. It is a popular place for recreation and is often used by high-ranking state officials. It is said to have the cleanest air in Central Europe. The town is characterized by the typical architecture of Jesenice - wooden buildings. It is also worth mentioning the valley of Bílá Opava - a nature reserve with rich flora, leading around a river with many cascades and waterfalls.

From Karlova studánka, follow the common yellow-red-blue markings towards the Hvězda crossroads. This stage leads through the forest with a steeper ascent. It is also possible to use the main busier road, leading with a gentler ascent - cycle route No. 553. At the Hvězda crossroads you can refresh yourself in front of the next hill - there is a touring restaurant and a buffet.

From this point, you can climb the cycle route No. 6075. It takes place on an asphalt road leading through forests with views of the Bílá Opava valley. After about 2.5 km you will reach the crossroads of Suta, it is located approximately in the middle of the section to the next stop point - Ovčárna.

Ovčárna is a mountain resort with many hotels, restaurants and ski slopes. It is the center of alpine tourism and is frequently visited by tourists in all seasons.
It is already very close to Praděd from Ovčárna and the journey is not difficult at all. The Praděd transmitter is the dominant feature of this region, it can be seen from practically every place - this means that the view from its platform is also very rich.

To return to the start of the trip, use the same route, or you can take the cycle route No. 6075 to the Švýcárna saddle and from there to Kout nad Desnou, where you can use the railway connection and get anywhere via the town of Šumperk by train.


Author: Martina Zapletalová