Bohumín - Starý Bohumín - Kališovo jezero - Border meanders of the Odra - Bohumín

A trip leading visitors to the borders of the republic, to the not very well-known meander region of the river Odra. Nice as a family trip or an afternoon ride of more experienced cyclists.

Information for visitors

Adress: Studentská 405, Bohumín
GPS: 49.90303030, 18.36014080
Bohumín - Starý Bohumín - Kališovo jezero - Border meanders of the Odra - Bohumín map

Interesting facts Bohumín - Starý Bohumín - Kališovo jezero - Border meanders of the Odra - Bohumín

The start of the trip is the center of the Ostrava - Skřečoň district. Here, connect to the cycle route No. 56. It will take you through less frequented sections from the city to Starý Bohumín. This is not a complicated or long section. In Starý Bohumín, continue along the cycle route to the local chateau. This is where the cycle route ends, as there is already a crossing to the Polish side.

You will now continue along the red lane to the north (right). Here you enter the nature park Hraniční meandry Odra. The Odra River marks the Czech state border with its bends. You will go in the direction of its flow. After a few hundred meters, you will first drive along the shore of a smaller lake, at the upper end of which you will see a larger lake - Kališovo. You can refresh its shores, the shores are pleasantly inclined and in some places a sandy surface.

Next, you will pass a small western part of the village Šunychl. Simultaneously with the red markings, Šunychelská Street leads, which you will continue to follow. During this section you can go to look at the turns to the river and relax in peace. After a kilometer drive you will reach the village of Kopytov, in the center of which you can find out about the direction using a signpost. The red dashed sign continues even further, along the border of the nature park, and if you have the patience, you can walk along the Olše or Odra rivers to their confluence. The roads are not marked here, so their base will probably not be very suitable for cycling. You can hardly get lost in this place, as it is bordered on the north by the river Olší and on the south by the Odra.

To return, choose the same path, but to diversify the path, take the road in the center of Šunychl towards Bohumín. Around the route you can see a zone of fortifications from the Second World War. A direct and straight direction will take you all the way to Bohumín to the Petr Bezruč Gardens and the nearby information center.


Author: Martina Zapletalová