Ostrava Hrušov - Petřkovice - Bobrovníky - Hlučín + Back train

The route is not very long, but overcoming two climbs. It is especially suitable for lovers of industrial and mining. But other recreational cyclists will certainly enjoy themselves.


Information for visitors

Adress: Stará cesta 679, Slezská Ostrava
GPS: 49.86255000, 18.29609110
Ostrava Hrušov - Petřkovice - Bobrovníky - Hlučín + Back train map

Interesting facts Ostrava Hrušov - Petřkovice - Bobrovníky - Hlučín + Back train

Start the trip by the river Ostravice, near the former Hubert mine. Take the cycling route marked with the letter E This goes across the river Odra to the part of Koblov. Immediately after the river, turn left onto the cycle path with the letter G. During its course, the Landek nature trail joins it. The road leads in the valley, first below the Landek castle, after a few meters it is possible to see the coal seam and soon turn to the Landek complex with several mining towers and a mining museum. The area also includes an archeological site with an outdoor exhibition of mammoths. Tourist stamp collectors will also not leave here empty-handed.

After leaving the complex, continue along cycle route G to the bus stop "K Lidicím" and at it turn right onto cycle route no. 6185. After a few meters, it will definitely take you from Ostrava to the wooded landscape. An already announced climb awaits you here. The whole section of the forest measures less than a kilometer. The climb is gentle, and covers about a third of the way.

Behind the forest is the village Bobrovníky, walk across it, in the center you can find out about alternative routes on the local signpost. After the village, enter the forest again where you will climb, this time shorter but steeper than before. You will also be rewarded with a short and steeper descent to the settlement of Podlesí. From this place you can see the outskirts of Hlučín - today's destination.

After crossing the fields, you will reach the outskirts, densely built up with family houses. Pay close attention to the road markings. If you still have enough strength, go to the crossroads with cycle route No. 5 to the left. After a short drive you will reach a huge lake known as the Gravel. The place is popular both in summer for swimming and in winter as a skating rink.

Go back and follow the cycle route No. 5 and then the blue sign to get through the center of Hlučín to the train stop.


Author: Martina Zapletalová