Black Water - Floating Stream - Venus Bowls - Black Water

The route is located in the environment of the Rychlebské Mountains - the upper part of the Jesenice area. The described trip is more demanding from a distance, but has a mild profile - therefore it is more suitable for recreational riders and not for families with children.

Information for visitors

Adress: Černá Voda 47, Černá Voda
GPS: 50.30928330, 17.15299330
Black Water - Floating Stream - Venus Bowls - Black Water map

Interesting facts Black Water - Floating Stream - Venus Bowls - Black Water

At the southern edge of the village of Černá voda, I would like to mention the so-called Rychlebské trails - the winner of one year in the competition Div of the Olomouc Region. These are specially adapted routes for mountain biking, the paths lead through more complex hilly terrain between the stones and in some places they are bridged by wooden footbridges.

However, you will go in the other direction - north of the village center. You will set off on the cycle route No. 6047 to the first stop according to the plan. The path leads alternately through meadows and forests. Even though you are in the highlands, you do not overcome any large elevation. The local nature is one of the best preserved and wildest in our country. In the vicinity of the road you can see only sporadic pieces of civilization, you will not meet any village during our trip.

At the first stop called Plavný potok there are three ponds and a classic tourist rest area by the road. From this crossroads, you can continue along the bike path, or better follow the green tourist sign towards Venus's bowls. The not very demanding continuation of the journey leads through a deep forest - this will be appreciated especially by mushroom lovers or forest crop collectors. In the last section of the route it is necessary to join the green sign and reach the signpost "Smolný". From here it is already very close to the destination.

The national natural monument Venus Bowls are rock formations, they are basically partially hollow rocks, in the cavities of which there is water - hence their name. It is possible to look around from the top of the rocks (404 m.n.m). All tops are carefully secured with railings.

To return, it is advisable to choose the same route, or if we want to be transported back by train, choose the place of return, continue along the cycle path No. 6047 through the landmark Hábina chata towards Velká Kraš - there is a train stop.


Author: Martina Zapletalová