Jeseník - Červenohorské sedlo - Praděd - Jeseník

This route is very demanding, suitable for fans of mountain biking. It overcomes considerable height differences, and is remotely demanding. The highest point of the trip is Praděd - the highest mountain in Moravia.

Jeseník - Červenohorské sedlo - Praděd - Jeseník

Information for visitors

Adress: Masarykovo nám. 157, Jeseník
GPS: 50.22910970, 17.20541170
Jeseník - Červenohorské sedlo - Praděd - Jeseník map

Interesting facts Jeseník - Červenohorské sedlo - Praděd - Jeseník

From the town of Jeseník, head towards the village of Bělá pod Pradědem, specifically along the cycle path No. 6210. The cycle route leads along a quality and wide road, with more frequent traffic. The climb here is gentle. In the village of Domašov, turn towards Filipovice, where the first serpenins are already starting, so the climb is steeper. This section is one of the most challenging, as it overcomes a significant height difference. However, it leads through the forest, which is very welcome, especially in summer. At the top of this longer climb is Červenohorské sedlo, an important ski resort and a starting point for many hiking trails. Here it is possible to have refreshments, have lunch, etc.

For the next trip, choose the red lane marking in the direction of the top of Výrovka. At the beginning the path climbs, then it leads along the ridge of the mountain. The first point on this section is the crossroads "Pod Klínovcem" where there is a small tourist shelter. Another peak that you will look at is Malý Jezerník, there is a slightly better view than at the top of Výrovka. We are only 200 meters high from the destination of the trip - Praděd. From Malý Jezerník you will descend to the Velký Jezerník saddle, where you can have a snack at the well-known local cottage Švýcárna. From this point, follow the cycle route No. 6075 through the territory of the Praděd National Nature Reserve. The road is high quality, asphalt. During the journey, you can already see the translucent top of the transmitter on Praděd among the trees.
In its bowels you will find a restaurant at the bottom, and after paying a small fee you can take the elevator to the viewing platform, from which we can see with good visibility to Poland, or in the other direction - to Central Moravia. Views are complemented by detailed descriptions.

You will start the journey back to Jeseník by going down to the Švýcárna cottage. Here you follow the blue lane marking towards the place Vysoký vodopád. The road leads down a steady descent, around Studený potok, to the village of Bělá. From Bělá, you will get to the village of Bělá pod Pradědem and later to the town of Jeseník.


Author: Martina Zapletalová