Litovel - Nové zámky - Fisherman's pub - Moravičanské jezero + Back train

A full-day ride for more demanding cyclists through the beautiful landscape of Litovelské Pomoraví. First, stop in Litovel itself and look at several monuments in the historic center. Return planned by train.


Information for visitors

Adress: Dukelská 435/13, Litovel
GPS: 49.70585030, 17.07431750
Litovel - Nové zámky - Fisherman's pub - Moravičanské jezero + Back train map

Interesting facts Litovel - Nové zámky - Fisherman's pub - Moravičanské jezero + Back train

You can walk across the Morava River on the stone St. John's Bridge from the 16th century, on the way to the museum you will not miss the historic walls and you will not forget to see the local rarity - the Nečíz water canal, thanks to which the city is nicknamed "Venice of Haná". The water canal leads through the city center between the houses, ie on the surface - which evokes the resemblance to Venice in Italy.

So you get on a bike and follow the red sign to leave the city on the nature trail Nové zámky. It takes you around a canal fed by the Morava River to the local swimming pool and then to the river itself. You drive through the open countryside up to the Vrapač crossroads. The signpost itself begins with Litovelské pomoraví - floodplain forests and wetlands and blind branches of the Morava River.

Your direct journey will be interrupted only by the signpost "Most u Moravy" which leads to the other bank to the village of Nové Zámky. So turn here and join the blue sign, which will take you through the above-mentioned village and through the stops and signposts "U obelisku" and "Temple of Friendship" will take you to the crossroads "Fisherman's Pub". At this place, turn onto the cycle route No. 51 and you will comfortably reach the lake through the landscape of fields through the villages of Doubravice and Moravičany. The Nové mlýny hydroelectric power plant is about to stop, about a kilometer from the signpost.

In order to get directly to the lake, turn right before the end of Moravičany at the intersection with cycle route No. 6036 to the right onto an unmarked dirt road. It opens completely ashore.

The lakes (a total of three) were created thanks to sand mining and the subsequent flooding of the created quarries. The mining itself takes place on the northernmost lake and, to a limited extent, on the middle lake. The lower is declared a nature reserve. It is used mainly by fishermen and sometimes also by swimmers.

Back to the beginning of the journey, you can take the train from the Moravičany stop to the Červenka station and from there to Litovle.


Author: Martina Zapletalová