Prostejov - Plumlov - Prostejov

Trip suitable for families with children, about half a day. It is not demanding in terms of distance or height.

Plumlov Prostějov

Information for visitors

Adress: Palackého 976/3, Prostějov
GPS: 49.47012000, 17.10862420
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Interesting facts Prostejov - Plumlov - Prostejov

You leave Prostějov, from the train station "Prostějov-Místní nádraží". Here, connect to the red lane markings that will take you to the outskirts of the city - to the bike path called "Greenways K-M-W". The bike route takes visitors around the river Hloučely along the local nature trail. The whole route leads outside the city, and turns around the city of Prostějov from the north. After arriving in the village of Mostkovice, near the Plumlovská dam, it is most appropriate to consistently follow the red lane markings, as the village is interwoven with many streets. The red sign will take you under the dam of the Plumlovská reservoir, during which you will then reach its entire left bank.

The Plumlov area itself consists of the Plumlov dam and the smaller Podhradský pond, on the hill above the pond rises the Plumlov castle. In recent years, the Plumlov Dam has undergone thorough siltation and revitalization. This measure was implemented due to the increased occurrence of cyanobacteria and reduced water quality. In the summer of 2013, re-infestation should take place. In order to get a close look at Plumlov Castle, you must cross to the other side of the dam. This is possible between the top of the dam and Podhradský pond. The castle itself was built on a rock, on the foundations of an old castle. In the summer months it is possible to visit various cultural events.

To return to the starting point of the journey, choose the route through the village of Plumlov - specifically through Rudé Armády Street and the village of Mostkovice, across Stichovická Street. At the end of the village Mostkovice, it is advisable to connect to the cycle route No. 5, the route leads through a quiet environment, across the fields, so you do not have to be afraid of excessive traffic. A memorable tree - Domamyslická lípa - is worth mentioning on this route. Cycle route No. 5 leads through the entire city of Prostějov, so it is not a problem to get anywhere in the city along its route.


Author: Martina Zapletalová