Moravičany - Loštice - Bouzov - Javoříčko - Náměšť na Hané

A very challenging route, with many elevations, will take you through a pleasant landscape on the border between the mountains in the north and the fertile Hana in the south. It is suitable for stubborn cyclists who do not mind alternating descents and ascents.


Information for visitors

Adress: Moravičany 67, Moravičany
GPS: 49.75691190, 16.96474970
Moravičany - Loštice - Bouzov - Javoříčko - Náměšť na Hané map

Interesting facts Moravičany - Loštice - Bouzov - Javoříčko - Náměšť na Hané

From Moravičany, take the cycle route No. 6036 to the town of Loštice. It is not far, it is only necessary to cross the expressway using a footbridge. In Lostice, be sure to stop and taste the local specialty - cottage cheese. They make them here in several forms and flavors. This dish also has its own museum here.

After leaving the village, a hilly section led by a forest awaits you. The road turns through a narrow valley, so any ascent will be easy, but at least a small piece will have to be completed. The small village of Jeřmaň is waiting for you around the bend, and after overcoming it, the road really starts to climb a bit. The route splits, you choose the cycle route marked 512 and follow its serpentines to the Bouzov castle, which is already in sight.

The route will not take you directly to it, but to the village of the same name. You will have to overcome a short climb to the castle. In the area of ​​the castle right in the village, it is worth seeing the statue of the Trojan Horse - a kind of wooden replica of a steed, famous in the legend of the conquest of Troy. The castle itself will offer souvenirs, tourist stamps and in the season also guided sightseeing tours.

To continue, follow the cycle route No. 6025, soon after the village you will pass two smaller ponds. This is followed by a section through the valley and the village of Javoříčko. Here it is worth seeing the local cave and the ruins of Branka Castle. It is necessary to walk to both of these attractions by following the red markings, there is another ruin on the hill above the village, namely Špraněk Castle.

After leaving the village, remember the number 6025 thoroughly, it is the number of the cycling route that will take you to Náměšť na Hané, the destination of today's journey.

The route leads through a number of small villages with small religious monuments. The first in line is the village of Střemeníčko, in front of which an announced climb is already waiting. Another, not far away is the village of Slavětín, at the end of which you will complete your journey through wooded hilly terrain. Furthermore, the villages of Loučka, Bílsko and Cakov follow on a relative level. The road takes visitors through fields and meadows with beautiful views. The destination is already nearby.

After Cakov you will drive two steeper ascending kilometers and you will find yourself in Nové Dvůr. From this point, your route will lead from the hill to the center of Náměšť na Hané. To its north you will find the ruins of Náměšť and the chateau complex surrounded by a circle of roads - to this place you will be taken by the cycle route No. 6033. Not far from here is the railway station, it is possible to get to Olomouc.


Author: Martina Zapletalová