Moravská Třebová - Mines - Boršov - Moravská Třebová

This trip introduces visitors to the attractive surroundings of the former mines. It is mainly characterized by a short distance and a relatively light profile. It is therefore suitable for undemanding excursionists.

Moravská Třebová

Information for visitors

Adress: Brněnská 54, Moravská Třebová
GPS: 49.75339000, 16.66105470
Moravská Třebová - Mines - Boršov - Moravská Třebová map

Interesting facts Moravská Třebová - Mines - Boršov - Moravská Třebová

From Moravská Třebová, you will drive towards the local part of Udánka along cycle route no. 4029. The route leads through the city on side streets and after a kilometer it leaves the development and passes through a landscape of fields. You can make the first stop at the small Skuteč pond, one kilometer from the end of the town. Soon you will enter the forest, on the edge of which there is the Budějovické hradiště - an archaeological monument, unfortunately not easily visible and traceable in the terrain.

In the forest, the path slowly rises and a number of smaller branch paths lead from it. However, don't get me wrong and continue along the cycle route to the crossroads with the "Hřebečské důlní stezky" nature trail. Probably the most interesting place of the whole mine is a few hundred meters away from the road, and you can get to it if you follow the nature trail to the left to the parallel of the road with a narrow-gauge track. Follow it along the axis to the very heart of the entire mining area - the former Emil and Václav mine.

However, continue to the destination from the crossroads to the left, where you cross the main road and take the cycle route No. 4031. The more persistent of you can follow the entire length of the cycle route No. 4029 towards Hřebeč, where Borsov.

The last section through the village of Boršov leads through a pleasant descent, a really long built-up area. This will take you just before the village to the cycle route No. 4030. Follow it to the left. On your left you will see a fairly large water area of ​​the Moravská Třebová reservoir. The more curious of you can turn right at the lake onto a forest path and climb your bike to the "Nad Boršovem" hill, where the metal structure of the Pastýřka lookout tower stands. The bike path takes you to the city center. However, it is advantageous to turn past the roundabout onto the side parallel and less frequented street Dukelská


Author: Martina Zapletalová