Žamberk - Water reservoir Pastviny - Žamberk

A more demanding trip for lovers of water sports and beautiful nature. Start your journey in the northeastern part of the city. You will follow the cycle route No. 18 along Draha Street. Watch this sign carefully, as at the end of this street the road splits into a fork, and you drive on its right. On the right hand you will see the flow of the Divoká Orlice and on the left hand you will notice for a while the area of ​​the photovoltaic power plant.

Information for visitors

Adress: 28. října 581, Žamberk
GPS: 50.08282110, 16.46855360
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The road leads through a flat landscape between fields, until a narrow strip of greenery intersects near the settlement of Zakopanka. At the signpost "Zakopanka - bus" you are already halfway to the dam Pastviny. For a while you will enjoy the climb, about two kilometers from the crossroads to the village of Zbudov. Here, be careful and turn right in the direction of Klášterec nad Orlicí. The short section between the two villages is filled with a steeper ascent. At its top, it is possible to visit the Church of the Holy Trinity and find out about the current state of mileage using a signpost. It is in Klášterec that you will cross the bridge over the Divoká Orlica, which feeds the Pastvinská dam with its stream.

After the bridge, turn right onto cycle route No. 4069, go through the lower end of the village and continue to the bank of the reservoir. After a few hundred meters you will come across the village of Lhotka. This is where the dam actually begins. Your route leads near the water level and before you drive a kilometer, you will see the first cottages of the pasture holiday village. A special feature here is the place Cow Jump - it is a bridge that crosses the main lake from a small bay. If you would like to know more about the entire tank, you can visit the local information center.

At the car park, turn right to continue. You will reach a road that will take you to an impressive bridge across the dam. Follow it to the other bank. The dam is a total of about 7 kilometers long, this bridge crosses it only in its upper quarter. Continue along the road until you reach the intersection with cycle route No. 4076, after which you turn left. The path will take you along the top of the valley, so you will have a pretty nice view of the reservoir.

The more curious of you can turn once more to the reservoir at the crossroads of bicycle routes and walk along its main dam, 43 meters high. Below the dam there is another lake - the buffer reservoir Pastviny II. After seeing the dam, head back and follow the cycling route No. 4069 to the village of Nekoř. In this village, the route markings will change to the number 4073. In this section of the road, you can look forward in particular to the flow of the Divoká Orlice river, whose company will accompany you through the village of Líšnice to the destination - Žamberk.


Author: Martina Zapletalová