Kroměříž - Svárovský rybník - Záhlinice + Back train

A very pleasant trip for families with children or as an undemanding afternoon ride.


Information for visitors

Adress: Na Sladovnách 1535, Kroměříž
GPS: 49.30274970, 17.39521170
Kroměříž - Svárovský rybník - Záhlinice + Back train map

Interesting facts Kroměříž - Svárovský rybník - Záhlinice + Back train

Already in Kroměříž itself there are many beautiful places suitable for visiting. For example, it is the Flower Garden in the southwestern part of the city, the Museum of the Kroměříž Region or the Archbishop's Castle with a huge adjacent park in the center.

The start of the trip is a bus station, a few meters away from the park. Here, join the cycling route number 5034, which will take you through today's trip. Continue following it on Stoličkova and Skopalíkova streets. Before the end of the stop, the route breaks sharply to the right on a street called Ovocná. At the intersection with Karel Rajnoch Street, the "Planorbis" nature trail is added to the cycle path, along which you can be led to the left away from the city.

The road leads through the forest on an absolute plain. About halfway to Svárovský rybník, a small settlement Světlá appears in a bend. From here, continue in the direction of the bike path, and along the way you should not be surprised again by any hills or climbs.

You already have an imaginary goal in sight, in fact it is not just one pond, but a group of three relatively large bodies of water. In all ponds, there are such dams with paths that you can walk on at an angle and thus bypass each tank thoroughly from all directions. On the walk you can see different species of birds, which are very blessed.

At the end, return to the bike path and continue along it to the nearby village of Záhlinice. If you still have some time left, you can see the local small church monuments. If you still have enough strength, head back to Kroměříž along the axes of cycle routes 5181 and 5034 through the town of Hulín (approx. 5 km). The rest of you can take the same trip by train from the stop in Záhlinice.


Author: Martina Zapletalová