The Lipno Dam on the Vltava River is nicknamed the South Bohemian Sea and it is no wonder, because its area is a respectable 48.7 km2. It is not only the largest Czech dam, but also the largest body of water in the Czech Republic. At the widest point near the village of Černé v Pošumaví, the dam spills up to a width of 5 km and its length is about 42 km. In addition to its flood control function, it mainly performs a recreational role, as evidenced by tens of thousands of its visitors each year. In its vicinity, the tourism is considerable, but you will also find beautiful corners of pure and peaceful nature, because the Lipno dam lies on the border of the Šumava National Park.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Lipno nad Vltavou
GPS: 48.63122610, 14.20402470
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Interesting facts Lipno

The Lipno Reservoir was built on the upper reaches of the Vltava in the years 1952-1959, because there was a need to prevent frequent devastating floods. At that time, its technical solution was the best possible, which the dam proves even after several decades. This created an amazing massive work that successfully prevents floods, produces electricity and provides various recreational opportunities throughout the year. The spillway of the dam, which is 25 meters high and 296 meters long, is located in the village of Lipno nad Vltavou. In the vicinity of the dam there are several villages that serve as starting points for trips and where various accommodation and other services are available, in addition to Lipno nad Vltavou they are Vyšší Brod, Loučovice, Frymburk, Přední Výtoň, Černá v Pošumaví, Horní Planá and Nová Furnace. Tourist attractions in the area include, for example, the very popular Treetop Trail at the top of Kramolín near Lipno nad Vltavou, the technical monument Schwarzenberg Canal and the ruins of Vítkův kámen. Then you can go on trips to the Šumava National Park, for example to the Boubín Forest or to glacial lakes.

In summer you will find ideal conditions for swimming and all kinds of water sports, cycling, in-line skating, but also sport fishing. It is cyclists and in-line skaters who like to use the 13 km long cycle path leading from Lipno nad Vltavou, through Frymburk to Vřesná, which is one of the best in our country. The section between Lipno and Frymburk is even illuminated, so it is open even at night. In winter, the longest natural skating rink leads to the frozen Lipno Dam and the surroundings are a great place for cross-country skiers.

Author: Martina Limbergová