Nové Mlýny reservoirs

The Nové Mlýny waterworks lies below the Pavlovské vrchy mountains in southern Moravia. It is a cascade of three dam reservoirs on the river Dyje, which were built here in the years 1975-1989 to protect the surroundings by floods. In addition, two of them also serve in recreation, water sports and fish farming. The third is an ornithologically important nature reserve.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Strachotín
GPS: 48.89579750, 16.64969330
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Interesting facts Nové Mlýny reservoirs

The area of ​​the reservoirs occupies 3226 ha, but their depth is not too great. Somewhere it reaches barely two meters, the deepest place in the last of the tanks is less than eight meters. This last lower reservoir has the largest area, with 1668 ha is the largest body of water in Moravia. The reservoir complex is the most important fishing locality in South Moravia. And the birds that nest here and winter probably probably deserve the most attention. It is ornithologists, but also ordinary observers, who come to their senses here at every time of year. A large number of Nordic ducks and geese winter here, you can see flocks of up to thirty thousand individuals. Dozens of sea eagles also regularly seek refuge here in the winter. In summer, you can watch mudflies or white and red herons, for example.

The upper reservoir is called Mušovská, although the flooded village of Mušov was located on the site of the middle reservoir. On its northern side, the Pasohlávky recreational area was built near the village of the same name, which is a very popular refuge for tourists. The central Věstonice reservoir has been protected since 1994 as a nature reserve. There are two islands in it, on one of them stand the remains of the church of St. Linharta, which is the only remnant of the former village of Mušov. The second of the islands is an important archaeological site, as more than 2,000 graves from the time of the Great Moravian Empire were found here. The third Novomlýnská reservoir is also used for recreation and fish farming, in addition there is a small hydroelectric power plant Nové Mlýny in its dam.

The size of the water areas and the beauty of the surroundings are best enjoyed from a height. You can use, for example, a visit to the ruins of the Děvičky castle, from where you will have a great view. The whole area is an area famous for growing vines, so in addition to swimming and other activities by the water, you can go for walks through the vineyards or explore the beauty of the Pavlovské hills. Nearby is also the town of Mikulov, where you will find a beautiful castle and other historical monuments.

Author: Martina Limbergová