Brno Reservoir

Where do the inhabitants of Brno and its surroundings go to swim in the summer and where do they like to spend their free time? Definitely on the Brno dam, which provides ideal conditions for recreation and sports of all kinds.

Information for visitors

Adress: Rakovecká, Brno
GPS: 49.23593810, 16.51163830
Brno Reservoir map

Interesting facts Brno Reservoir

The dam on the Svratka River has been planned since the beginning of the last century, but was not finally built until 1936-1940. A valley with the village of Kníničky was chosen for its construction, which had to be flooded. The dam swells in Veverská Bítýška and ends with a dam located on the border of Brno-Bystrce and Brno-Kníniček. The dam is ten kilometers long and has an area of ​​259 hectares.

The Brno dam (in the Brno dialect called hantec it is called Prýgl) is a destination for many visitors in summer and winter, who come here for sports, walks, relaxation and entertainment. On both sides of the dam are surrounded by vast forests, which offer opportunities for hiking and biking. Many water sports such as canoeing, rowing, water skiing and yachting are practiced at the dam. On the left and right bank in the direction from the dam, there are several very popular beaches. The dam has been cleaned in recent years and thus offers very good water quality throughout the summer. In the summer season, boats sail on the dam by regular boat transport, which will take you to the mentioned beaches, but also to Veverská Bítýška and back. Mainly around the marina, but also around the shores, there are many snacks and pubs where you can relax.

Veveří Castle, which rises on a rocky promontory above the dam, is also a frequent destination for tourists. A bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was built across the water, connecting both banks of the dam. Veveří Castle has stood on the same site for almost a thousand years, but has been largely neglected in the last century. Therefore, it is now undergoing a gradual reconstruction, which is to restore its luster and glory. Not far from the castle stands the chapel of the Mother of God from the 12th century.

Not far from the dam there is another popular excursion destination, namely the Brno Zoo on Mniší hora. There are also more advantageous tickets for purchase combining a visit to the zoo and a cruise on a steamer along the dam, if b