Obora Holedná Brno

Can you imagine a piece of forest with wildlife in the middle of a big city between housing estates? Such a place is located in Brno. It is called the Holedná game reserve and covers an area of 327 ha between the districts of Kohoutovice, Bystrc and Jundrov.

Information for visitors

Adress: Žebětínská, Brno-Žebětín
GPS: 49.20762420, 16.53361470
Obora Holedná Brno map

Interesting facts Obora Holedná Brno

The game park is a purpose-built hunting facility where fallow deer and mouflon game are kept. But most of all, it is a place where you can spend the day walking in nature. There are several starting points to the game reserve, you can start from Kohoutovice, where you start at the upper end of the game reserve, from the Old Highway, where there is a game park with wild boars, from Komín from the Svratka river, where you first pass the lower side of the game reserve. , from where a steep climb awaits you. Parking for cars is located on the Old Highway. There are several marked paths leading through the field - yellow, green and blue. There is also a slightly challenging nature trail with a forest game theme, which will take you an hour and a half to go through. It leads on paved roads and can be easily managed even by families with small children or seniors.

Deciduous forests grow mainly in the field, and fallow deer and mouflon are doing well here, you can see them here with a calm and quiet movement. Wild boars are kept in a small enclosure at the lower end of the enclosure. Wild boars are used to people and are willing to be fed, which children will definitely like. In the whole park you will find quite a few resting places with benches and gazebos, ponds and other nice nooks. Everything is connected by a dense network of paved roads, which are pleasant to walk on. Quality main roads are used by athletes for running and cycling.

The Holedná Game Reserve is a popular place to spend free time in nature for Brno residents and visitors alike. Come and walk through a piece of beautiful nature in the middle of a busy city and get that peace and quiet.

Author: Martina Limbergová