Šobes Vineyards

South Moravia and Znojmo region in particular is a region of wine, it is generally known. But do you know where to find one of the oldest and also the best vineyards not only in the Czech Republic, but in the whole of Europe? Right in the heart of the Podyjí National Park, near the wine village Podmolí. Visit its sunny side and taste the best wine this vineyard has to offer.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Podmolí
GPS: 48.81351720, 15.97811440
Šobes Vineyards map

Interesting facts Šobes Vineyards

Experts rank the Šobes vineyard among the ten highest quality European wine routes, it has an area of ​​16 ha and of which 11 ha grows vines. Vine growing has a very long tradition here, it was probably started by Roman legionaries and in the Middle Ages this place was designated for this purpose quite demonstrably. Wine was already known for its quality in these ancient times, it was delivered to the imperial court and to the most famous Viennese restaurants. The local wine of the cultivated Riesling and Pinot Noir varieties has the same fame even today, because it is almost sold out before the harvest.

What makes the Šobes vineyard so unique? This is due to its location at a lower altitude on a rocky promontory in the meander of the river Dyje, which flows around it. The sunny southern slope protects the vines from the wind from the northwest and northeast. The local soil is stony and acidic, lies on a gneiss surface and absorbs sunlight perfectly during the day, which radiates again at night. The river Dyje also plays an important role, revolving around the entire vineyard and creating a special microclimate similar to that in the valley of the French Rhône or the German Rhine.

The vineyard is open all year round, but the ideal time to visit it is in the summer months because right in the middle of the vineyard is the stand of the company Znovín, which belongs to the vineyard, and you can immediately taste the famous Šobeska wine in this beautiful environment.

The Šobes vineyard is located on the Greenways international cycle path and there are also two hiking trails, the yellow from Hnanice and the red from Havraníky. The nearest parking lot is 4 kilometers away.

Author: Martina Limbergová