Lake Mácha

The name Mácha's Lake with a reminder of the famous poet sounds romantic, just like the endless water level, a beautiful landscape with forests, meadows and interesting rock formations or the mysterious ruins of ancient castles. Add to that the number of nice beaches, tourist camps, hotels, restaurants and other facilities for all excursionists, there is no reason to delay in visiting this most important recreational place in the Liberec region.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Doksy
GPS: 50.58352330, 14.64777580
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Interesting facts Lake Mácha

The Great Pond, or the Great Dokeský Pond, was founded in the 14th century by Charles IV. at the site of wetlands in a peat basin. The name Mácha's Lake was first used much later, it began to be known to people at the end of the 19th century, but officially this pond and its surroundings are named after Karel Hynek Mácha only since 1961. Mácha really loved this region and often came here returned, and in several of his works the pond plays a role, including the most famous poem May. Maybe that's why this place evokes such a romantic charm in people.

The pond is the eighth largest in the Czech Republic, has an area of ​​284 ha and its depth reaches four meters in places. On the southeast shore lies the town of Doksy, a former spa town with a beautiful castle, of which only a park is accessible, and other monuments. On the opposite bank lies the smaller village of Staré Splavy, from where you can go to the hill Borný and see the beauty of the region from above.

The surroundings of Mácha's Lake are interwoven with a dense network of cycle paths and hiking trails, which offer almost endless possibilities for trips. You can visit the ruins of the castles Kokořín, Bezděz, Houska or the rock castle Sloup. The Čtyřlístek Museum is open in Doksy, because it was the Blaťák pond from the well-known children's comics that got a model in Mácha's Lake. The With Čtyřlístek educational trail around Blaťák is intended mainly for children, and you can also walk through the Swamp educational trail, which will introduce you to the protected fauna, flora and pond farming of Mácha's Lake.

On Mácha's Lake and its surroundings you will find sports activities of all kinds in summer and winter and perfect tourist facilities.

Author: Martina Limbergová