Monastery gardens in Litomyšl

The monastery gardens in Litomyšl can be found on the Castle Hill, just a few steps from the Litomyšl Castle. The gardens occupy a beautiful place, which is surrounded by two churches in Litomyšl: the Church of the Finding of St. Crosses and the Church of the Exaltation of St. Crisis. In the Middle Ages, there was a cemetery near the parish church of St. Klimenta, but it was demolished by the Hussites in 1425 and never rebuilt.

Information for visitors

Adress: B. Němcové, Litomyšl
GPS: 49.87150390, 16.31361860
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Interesting facts Monastery gardens in Litomyšl

Even before the Baroque Piarist church was built, the gardens had a Renaissance appearance. After that, however, Baroque alterations gave them a new look, but after the Piarist family left Litomyšl in 1948, the gardens began to fall into disrepair. At present, the monastery gardens are closed by stone walls, partly leading to the places of the former fortifications. Their reconstruction began in 1999 and its intention was to create a resting place for the public. The Monastery Gardens were reopened in 2000 on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.

In addition to the mentioned temples near the area of ​​the Monastery Gardens, there is a picturesque view of the town of Litomyšl, a gazebo, flower beds, a swimming pool with a mist and a sculpture by Olbram Zoubek, who donated it to the town of Litomyšl. The former carriage house is now converted into a pleasant restaurant with outdoor seating. The entire area of ​​the Monastery Gardens, which is more than 1 ha, is lit and regularly maintained. The gardens are an extremely beautiful place to relax, but there are also various cultural events that have a truly unique touch in such an exceptional setting!

The monastery gardens in Litomyšl are open to visitors free of charge and all year round at specified times.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová