Hostivař reservoir

Hostivařská dam is one of the most popular weekend and recreational destinations in Prague. Dozens of people go here for a bike, picnic, swimming but just for a walk.

Information for visitors

Adress: K Jezeru, Praha 15
GPS: 50.03800000, 14.54275000
Hostivař reservoir map

Interesting facts Hostivař reservoir

The Hostivař dam, with an area of ​​349,000 m2 and a volume of 1,310,000 m3, lies on the border of Prague 11 and 15 in the middle of the Hostivař forest park, on the Botič stream and its second tributary is the Hájský stream. For cyclists, pedestrians and runners, an asphalt path winds along, where part of the cycle path No. 23 leads.

On sunny warm weekends, you will meet families with prams, cyclists, but also couples in love or groups of young people at a picnic. The traffic is facilitated by a lane dividing the busier asphalt, as well as on the road forming the direction of travel or walking on the right side.

Although you might not expect it in the capital, fishermen sit on the shore almost all year round. They catch ouklíky, horrors, roaches, crucian carp, tench, bream, fat, carp and also white grass carp.

During the summer months, people also go to the dam to swim. No wonder, the local swimming pool has a capacity of up to ten thousand visitors, who can use the grassy and sandy beaches, nudist beach, playground and several types of snacks.

In 2010 and 2011, the dam underwent complete demudging. Its history dates back to the 1920s, when the first swimming pool was established here, which was gradually expanded. The actual construction of the Hostivař dam took place in the years 1959 to 1963. Above it, 140 ha of forest were planted, which complemented the old afforestation and completed a pleasant quiet zone. There are currently scenic paths through the local park, where you will find rest areas, benches and climbing frames for children. In the past, for 14 years, there was even a "ship" operation on the dam.

The best way to get to the Hostivař Dam is from the Newtonova or Selská or Jižní Město bus stops. Most of the roads are winding, for people with a minor sense of orientation, we recommend looking at the map.

Author: Lucie Poštolková