Kunratice Forest Prague

Our capital city is intersected by a number of green places, parks and forests, which are ideal for a family trip with small children, a stroller or a dog. One such place is the Kunratice Forest, located in the southern part of Prague. Sometimes it is also called Krčský and it is the most continuously forested area in the capital.

Kunratice Forest Prague

Information for visitors

Adress: Zelená Louka, Praha Kunratice
GPS: 50.02430920, 14.47410860
Kunratice Forest Prague map

Interesting facts Kunratice Forest Prague

Why is this place ideal for a family trip? Mainly because you will find yourself somewhere, at least for a while, where you may even forget that you are in Prague, and because children will be able to observe a number of animals for which the Kunratice Forest has become home. Here you will see, for example, pheasants, woodpeckers, spotted woodpeckers, hares or a herd of mouflons. All animals move freely in the forest. Swans often swim on the pond and ducks in the Kunratický stream.

The trip can continue (or begin) by sitting in the restaurant U krále Václava IV., Near which there is a ZOO corner with deer and spotted deer. If you continue along the Kunratický brook, you can follow the yellow tourist sign to a place called Na týeadow zelené. This is a restaurant where, among other things, granules are also sold, which children can then use to feed the local sheep, piglet or goats.

The main circular route stretches mostly along a marked cycle route, which with its terrain perfectly suits both bouncers and prams or scooters. For the most part, the trail is paved, but somewhere, of course, it leads along a forest path, especially along the Kunratický brook. However, even this is not a problem for driving with a pram.

Where to start your walk in the Kunratice Forest? For example, at the aforementioned restaurant U krále Václava IV., Which can be found in the southwestern part of the forest, and where it is possible to park a car. There is also a children's playground with a ZOO corner right next to the restaurant. Behind the bridge, the Kunratický stream is already extending, after which prepare for a slight ascent, but not at all! If you walk about a kilometer from the restaurant, you will come across the spring "Václavka", where there is another of the playgrounds. We will come across another similar course after about two hundred meters, after we turn left and then right at the crossroads. The asphalt road will lead us to the gazebo.

From the gazebo you can walk towards the hotel Nosál, in front of which is another playground, this time a little bigger and more modern.

The starting point of the trip will be led by a yellow marked hiking trail, leading around the Swan pond and the restaurant Na týeadow zelené, where there is outdoor seating, the aforementioned mini ZOO and a playground for children.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová