Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve)

The Royal Game Reserve, which is currently better known as Stromovka, is the largest garden in Prague. The whole complex is truly majestic and maintained in the English spirit. The tree is located to the south of the Imperial Island, from which it is separated by a canal. It is close to the Prague Exhibition Grounds, which, like Stromovka, lies on the territory of the Bubeneč district of Prague.

Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve) Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve) Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve) Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve) Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve)

Information for visitors

Adress: Královská obora, Praha 7
GPS: 50.10558250, 14.40931170
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Interesting facts Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve)

The area of ​​the Stromovka Royal Game Reserve is 95 ha and offers a whole range of possibilities for various activities, from walks, through cycling to rollerblading. There is, of course, the opportunity to just lie down on the grass, sit by the water or in a restaurant. There are several playgrounds for small children and for fans of technical curiosities, you can see the local Rudolf's Adit channel, which is unique in the world. It is an irrigation system Stromovka, built during the 16th century.

The establishment of the royal game reserve is associated with the personality of Přemysl Otakar II, who allegedly founded the park in 1268. In 1495, a royal hunting lodge was built in the south of the Royal Game Reserve, which served Vladislav Jagiellonsky. In the middle of the 16th century, a pond was built in Stromovka, to which others were added during the reign of Rudolf II. The chateau was later renovated in the Renaissance style and was to serve as a lookout tower. During the reign of Rudolf II. The adit, which fed the new Velký rybník with water from the Vltava, was also breached.

At the western edge of Stromovka is the Císařský mlýn, which was rebuilt and expanded in the second half of the 16th century. An arcade corridor, a grotto spa and a precious stone grinding shop were added. In 1698, the Imperial Mill was destroyed by fire.

The Royal Park was opened in 1804 and during the 19th century it underwent modifications that have survived to this day. Some of the ponds were abolished and Stromovka acquired the concept of wooded areas and meadows.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová