Chateau garden Kroměříž

When the words: gardens and Kroměříž are said, most people first think of the Flower Garden in Kroměříž. But the one in Kroměříž is not the only garden on the UNESCO list. Although this second garden is less well known, it is much larger, originally older, but it was not completed until after the Flower Garden. This garden provides visitors with many more activities and attractions. This is the so-called Podzámecká Garden, which you will find in close proximity to the Kroměříž Archbishop's Castle.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kroměříž
GPS: 49.30492000, 17.39222000
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Interesting facts Chateau garden Kroměříž

Podzámecká Garden was originally a vegetable and flower garden, which was established in the 15th century for purely practical reasons. Over the centuries, however, the garden gradually changed its appearance and role. A significant change took place in the 19th century, when it was rebuilt into a stylish landscape park with a total area of ​​64 hectares. To its advantage, it used the regulation of Moravia and the drainage of the formerly swampy floodplain forest.

Typical for this garden is the rich use of the water component (ponds and streams). The garden is divided into several parts, each with its own distinctive appearance. The Podzámecká Garden includes not only meadows and ancient trees, but also interesting architectural works, such as the Pompeii Colonnade, the Peacock Court, the Collored Colonnade and the like. Due to its unique appearance, it belongs to the European uniques and belongs to the UNESCO list quite deservedly. In the garden you will find a baroque garden, a sentimental garden and a romantic park. In the park you will find more than 1500 trees.

Opening hours:

Summer: 6.30 - 20.00
Winter: 7.00 - 16.30

Unlike the Flower Garden, there is free entry to the Podzámecká Garden.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová