Luhačovice dam

The Pozlovice dam is a very popular destination for walks by spa guests and tourists, as it lies less than two kilometers from the spa colonnade of Luhačovice. It is often called the Luhačovice dam, but it is not entirely correct, because it falls into the cadastre of the village Pozlovice. It is located on the border of the protected landscape area of the White Carpathians and in its vicinity there is really beautiful nature and clean air.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Pozlovice
GPS: 49.12469170, 17.77771330
Luhačovice dam map

Interesting facts Luhačovice dam

The dam has an area of ​​40 hectares and holds 2.7 million m3 of water. The beginning of its construction dates back to 1912, its completion then due to the events of the war until 1930, when it was first impregnated. Even so, it is one of the oldest water works in our country. The dam had and has the task of regulating the flood flow on the river Šťávnice, but in addition it is also used for recreational purposes, for fishing (traditionally the largest fishing competitions in the country take place here), for boat rides and swimming. However, bathing was often banned for hygienic reasons, because the dam had a long-term problem with a high incidence of cyanobacteria and the water quality used to be very poor. In 2010, therefore, the tank was completely drained and cleaning began. It was to be re-impregnated in the autumn of 2011, so that from the next season it could once again fully serve tourists and vacationers. However, due to large deposits of mud on the bottom and delays in cleaning, this did not work out. From the next year, however, she at least partially offered everything that is expected of her. The cleaning of the dam was probably successful and the water quality is now significantly better. In summer, you can dive into it without any worries and enjoy water fun.

In the vicinity of the dam, especially in the high season, there are many refreshments or sports and playgrounds for children. It is possible to park in the parking lot right next to the dam. From Luhačovice to the dam, Jurkovičova alley leads, which is lined with rest areas, sports grounds and refreshments. This 1.5 km long route will be a pleasant walk. You can also get to the dam by a tourist road train, which departs from the center of Luhačovice and has a stop at the dam.

Bypass its shores, admire the view from the dam, use some of the playgrounds for fun or have a coffee on the terrace of the restaurant and just enjoy the peace, all this is possible. Whatever you choose, it will be a pleasant time spent in the middle of beautiful nature.

Author: Martina Limbergová