Black Tower České Budějovice

The Black Tower is one of the popular tourist attractions in České Budějovice. It stands a short walk from Přemysl Otakar II Square, next to the Cathedral of St. St. Nicholas, and from its gallery you will get a nice view of the city center.

Black Tower České Budějovice Black Tower České Budějovice Black Tower České Budějovice Black Tower České Budějovice Black Tower České Budějovice Black Tower České Budějovice

Information for visitors

Adress: U Černé věže, České Budějovice
GPS: 48.97549420, 14.47573190
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Interesting facts Black Tower České Budějovice

The decision to build the tower was made in 1547, in the years 1549-1577 its construction took place. The tower was to serve as a watchtower and bell tower, the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and should also point out the wealth of the city. At that time, the tower lived directly in the tower, whose task was to announce a possible fire and hang out a red banner or a red lantern at night. The apartment for him and his family was located on the 9th floor of the tower, today there is a gallery carrying the ledge of the roof dome in these places.

The tower is 72 meters high and the sides of its square floor plan measure 11.6 meters. The observation deck is located at a height of 46 meters above the ground and a total of 225 steps lead to it. The first five floors of the tower are built in the Gothic style, the rest in the Renaissance style. In 1606, the tower was additionally equipped with a clock. On the east side, at the foot of the tower, is the original door from 1558.

During its existence, the tower underwent several minor and major repairs, the last general reconstruction took place in 1982-1985. In 1993, a monument to Jan Valerián Jirsík, a prominent Czech Catholic clergyman and national awakener, was restored by the tower.

There are seven bells of various ages and sizes in the tower, they are located on the 6th and 7th floors and in the dome. The largest of these is the Bummerin from 1723. Its dimensions are 1.82 meters bottom diameter and 1.34 meters deep, then weighs a respectable 3.5 tons. The oldest of the bells is the Silver Bell, cast in 1630, and the youngest Budvar from 1995. The other bells are called Maria, Octava, Marta and Umíráček.

The tower is open to visitors in the summer season and it would be a shame not to take the stairs to it on the way through České Budějovice. The view of the center of this city from a height is worth it.

Author: Martina Limbergová

Photo author: Lenka Marešová