Lookout tower on Kraví hora in the Novohradské mountains

Do you want to go somewhere in nature, but you don't know exactly where? The lookout tower on Kraví hora is a great attraction for all lovers of lookout towers and romantic walks!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Horní Stropnice
GPS: 48.73092200, 14.71988400
Lookout tower on Kraví hora in the Novohradské mountains map

Interesting facts Lookout tower on Kraví hora in the Novohradské mountains

The lookout tower on Kraví hora in the Novohradské Mountains has an iron structure and serves as a tower for a mobile operator. It is located at an altitude of 952 meters and was opened in 2001.

A total of 133 steps lead to the viewing platform and are located at a height of 32 meters above the ground, while the total height of the lookout tower is 42 meters. The lookout tower offers a beautiful circular view of the Slepičí and Novohradské mountains. You can also see the Blanský Forest, the Třeboň Basin and if the weather is nice, you will also see the Alps.

You can easily get to the lookout tower, for example, from Hojná Voda, from where a red tourist sign leads to Kraví hora on a forest path. It is also possible to follow the green tourist sign, which leads along the asphalt through the forest.

The lookout tower is open to the public and open indefinitely throughout the year.

The history of the local lookout tower is truly original. It is located on Kraví hora, which was formerly called Kamenná, above Dobra Voda in the Novohradské Mountains. The local tower from 1988 originally served as a military voice and was built on the site of the triangulation tower. It was built by the army for the purpose of guarding the border. After 1989, the army left the area and the tower was freely accessible. The view from the lookout tower was always really fairytale, but at that time it was possible to get to its viewing platform only with the help of metal ladders, which was not very safe. However, tourists still took this risk.

Towards the end of the 20th century, Eurotel became interested in the tower and had it repaired by EXCON. The lookout tower was reinforced with four side supports and a spiral staircase was set up on the viewing platform.

The lookout tower was opened to tourists in mid-2001. Every year in July, a mountain bike race on Kraví hora is held here regularly.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová