Libín lookout tower

Why get to know southern Bohemia in the classic way? Head to the Libín u Prachatice lookout tower and you will have the local region in the palm of your hand!

Information for visitors

Adress: Vrchol Libín, Prachatice
GPS: 48.97884400, 14.01174600
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Interesting facts Libín lookout tower

About 6 km south of Prachatice is the Libín hill with an altitude of 1,096 meters, and just on it is a brick lookout tower, built in 1983. Its total height is 27 meters and a total of 138 steps lead to its viewing platform.

From the lookout tower there is a view of the Šumava panorama. You can see, for example, Plechý, Knížecí stolec, Boubín, Churáňov or Javorník. From here it is possible to see Prachatice, Volyn, Písek, Temelín and if the weather really suits you, you will also see the Alps.

Access to the lookout tower is quite easy by car. On the road from Prachatice to Volary, turn left about 1 km after the settlement of Libínské Sedlo to the asphalt road leading through the forest. This will take you to a smaller parking lot called "Sedélko". It is necessary to leave the car here, because the entry ban continues to apply. If you belong to the accommodated, you can drive to the lookout tower. On foot from the parking lot there is a path about 2 km long.

The lookout tower is open all year round. In case of its closure, it is possible to borrow keys in a nearby cottage.

The beginnings of the lookout tower in Libín date back to 1883 and are connected with the Šumava Tourist Club. It consisted mainly of German residents. Their first annual meeting was devoted, among other things, to the topic of the construction of a lookout tower in Libín, while at the same time a proposal for a lookout tower, costs and name were approved. As the year 1881, when the annual meeting took place, was the year of the engagement of Rudolf, the Habsburg prince, and Princess Stephen, the first lookout tower was named Rudolf's Tower.

The construction, which was undertaken by Adalbert Reichart, lasted a total of two years. The ceremonial opening took place on September 16, 1883. For refreshments, the facilities in the form of a cottage were built two years earlier together with a hunting lodge.

From 1935, the Czech Tourists Club managed the lookout tower. At that time, it was planned to roof the gallery, which was thwarted by the advent of World War II. The lookout tower was used at that time as a military observatory. After the Second World War, the lookout tower was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

The lookout tower underwent a complete reconstruction in 1964. At that time, the staircase and windows were replaced and completely new plaster was made throughout the building.

The lookout tower was not further reconstructed until 1994. In 2007, the gallery was equipped with panoramic signs, and a year later a rope center was established here.

Currently, the owner of the building is the city of Prachatice.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová