Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice

Are you planning a trip to nature? Combine it with a visit to the Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice! The view provided by the lookout tower will surely delight you and you will not be disappointed with a romantic walk!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Velké Pavlovice
GPS: 48.90783400, 16.83820700
Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice map

Interesting facts Slunečná lookout tower near Velké Pavlovice

The lookout tower, for which wood in combination with steel was chosen as the material, stands on the Nadzahrady wine route near the breeding station, approximately 1 km east of Velké Pavlovice and about 20 km northwest of Břeclav.

The lookout tower is located at an altitude of 225 meters and was officially opened to tourists on May 8, 2009.

A total of 75 steps lead to the viewing platform at a height of 15 meters above the ground. The view really has something to offer tourists! You can see the villages of Němčičky, Bořetice, Kobylí and Vrbice. On the east side it is possible to see Hodonín, on the southeast it is Velké Bílovice. To the south lies Podivín, Břeclav and behind it you can see the Austrian territory. Weather permitting, you will see the Alps and Vienna.
The southwestern side offers Rakvice and Zaječí, the western side Velké Pavlovice and in the distance Mušovská lakes together with the Pálava ridge.
The northwest side allows you to see the village Starovičky with a small lookout tower.
The viewing platform is equipped with information boards to facilitate orientation.

In the summer months, you can visit the lookout tower every day from 10 am to 7 pm. In September, October, November, April, May and June, you can only get here on weekends and holidays at the same opening hours. However, it may happen that the lookout tower will be closed due to bad weather even during opening hours. The lookout tower is closed in December, January and February.

The Slunečná lookout tower is part of the tourist complex, located above Velké Pavlovice, the construction of which began in the spring of 2009. In 2008, the chapel of St. John the Baptist was also built near the lookout tower. Urban, the patron saint of all winemakers.

The construction of the lookout tower was first considered in 2004, but it was not until 2007 that the land needed for the construction was purchased. The construction of the complex and the lookout tower itself did not begin until March 2009. The construction was designed by Ing. Martin Novák and Ing. Antonín Olšina.

The main building materials are steel and wood. Basics of construction

they are made of reinforced concrete, white limestone was used on the baseboard.
In the area you would also find buildings similar to the typical wine cellars of South Moravia. One of the buildings serves as a bathroom and in the other tourists can refresh themselves, buy souvenirs and see a demonstration wine cellar. The area is lined with three mature linden trees, in the shade of which you can rest on hot summer days.

The project of the complex was prepared by Mr. Josef Veverka. It can be said that the area offers everything that tourists could desire: practical facilities, comfort and atmosphere typical of the Moravian Slovácko region.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová