Ostrá horka lookout tower near Soběšice

Combine your walk with a visit to the Ostrá horka tourist lookout tower near Soběšice and you will not be disappointed! Experience what it's like to have a part of South Moravia at your fingertips and visit this picturesque lookout tower!

Information for visitors

Adress: Soběslavova, Soběšice-Brno-sever
GPS: 49.24795100, 16.62214300
Ostrá horka lookout tower near Soběšice map

Interesting facts Ostrá horka lookout tower near Soběšice

On the Ostrá horka hill near Soběšice there is an iron tourist lookout tower with a total height of 19 meters. It is located at an altitude of 405 meters and was officially opened on May 1, 2008.

The observation platform of the lookout tower is located at a height of 16 meters above the ground and a total of 90 steps lead to it. From the lookout tower it is possible to see Pálava, Brno, the Moravian Karst, Babí lom, the Bohemian-Moravian and Drahanská Highlands.

The lookout tower is open to the public and open daily without restrictions.

You can easily get to the lookout tower via the Brno-sever district in the direction of Soběšice. Before Soběšice, turn left onto Ostrá hora. From here, the road to the lookout tower is about 200 meters long and a yellow tourist sign leads to it.

You would find a lookout tower on the outskirts of Soběšice, on a relatively indistinct hill called Ostrá horka. This hill was chosen by surveyors in 1759 and described as the northernmost point of the trigonometric network in the area of ​​the Vienna meridian. The dome of the chapel of St. was chosen as the basic point of this network. The cross, which, however, has not been preserved to this day. It was demolished in 1784 and today only a small monument stands in its place, under the stone of which is the stabilizing stone of the very first trigonometric point in the Czech Republic.

In 2004, on the initiative of the Soběšice Guard, the first measures were taken to build a lookout tower. This idea met with a very positive response. The planned lookout tower was to be made of wood and the completion date was tentatively set in the autumn of 2005. However, the construction date was constantly postponed. The owners of the surrounding land did not want the builders to enter their plots or move the building material through them during the construction.

The construction was finally started in December 2005 and began with the construction of the foundation structure, which was completed before Christmas the same year.

The construction of the lookout tower is based on a system of five micropiles, which are tied with a foundation slab made of reinforced concrete, and is based on minimizing the volume of building materials and materials used, so it was de facto not necessary to use heavy construction equipment.

During the construction proceedings, the construction site was modified. It was cleaned, diseased trees were felled, an educational board was installed, etc.

The steel structure was completed during November 2007. Commissioning took place on 8 February 2008 by the Statutory City of Brno and the lookout tower was ceremoniously opened on 1 May 2008.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová