Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice

Just a few kilometers outside Brno you will find a truly unconventional building. It has an acacia tower, which will fascinate you not only with its non-traditional look, but above all with its magical view of part of Brno and its distant surroundings. Go there too!

Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice

Information for visitors

Adress: , Blučina
GPS: 49.04188400, 16.63914000
Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice map

Interesting facts Acacia tower on Výhon near Židlochovice

The unusual-looking lookout tower stands on the Výhon hill, approximately 1 km from Židlochovice to the east and about 15 km from Brno to the south. It is located at an altitude of 355 meters and tourists can officially visit it from August 1, 2009.

A total of 76 steps lead to the viewing platform at a height of 14.5 meters, of which 3 are concrete, 61 are wooden and 12 are metal. From the tower there is a beautiful view of Židlochovice, villages south of Brno, such as Tuřany, Modřice, Opatovice and others. You can also see Brno, Babí lom, Pálava, Ždánické vrchy, Drahanská vrchovina and if the weather is nice, you will also see part of Austria.
The total height of the lookout tower is 15.7 meters.

It is not possible to reach the Acacia Tower lookout tower by car. It can only be reached on foot, for example on the purpose-built road towards Blučina at exit 11 - exit D1 motorway.

The lookout tower is open daily and freely accessible without restrictions.

Výhon Hill near Židlochovice has always been used by tourists for a nice view of the surroundings and thanks to the lookout tower, built in August 2009, the possibilities of the view have improved even better. The shoot used to provide only pastures and gardens, which the locals did not use much. The project of the lookout tower was started in 2004, when these lands were transferred to the ownership of Židlochovice, which gave an excellent space for the construction of the lookout tower. In addition, a project called Výhon-turistický okruh s rozhlednou was created in 2007. Within it, not only a lookout tower was built, but also an information system, tourist routes, the local bell tower was repaired, etc. Since 2008, the municipality has received the necessary subsidies from the EU, so construction could begin.

A competition was announced for the design of the lookout tower. It was attended by a total of six authors, who created a total of 15 proposals. The design of Pavel Jura, a Brno architect, who designed a truly unusual building, was chosen. The basis is a spiral staircase, which is lined with thirty acacia beams. Acacia is abundant in the local regions. The circular floor plan of the building has a diameter of 3.7 meters.

The Acacia Tower was inaugurated on August 1, 2009 and immediately enjoyed great popularity among tourists. The following year, the lookout tower was awarded the title of Best Investment of 2009 in the Top Invest competition.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová