Alexander's lookout

We invite you to explore the surroundings of Blansko from a bird's eye view! You can then combine a trip to the Alexandrovka lookout tower with a romantic walk through the local forests!

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Adress: , Adamov
GPS: 49.29786100, 16.67271900
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Interesting facts Alexander's lookout

The Alexandrovka stone lookout tower is about 1 km to the east of Adamov and about 10 km to the south of Blansko. It was first opened on September 4, 1887, and after reconstruction and increase, again on May 16, 2009.

The total height of the lookout tower is 16.5 meters. A total of 75 steps lead to the viewing platform, after which you will have a view of the Svitavy valley, Adamov in the direction of Brno, Pálava and the opposite wooded slope. If you want the weather and the visibility is good, you will also see the Alps. In 2009, part of the tree vegetation around the lookout tower was cut down, so the view has significantly improved.

The lookout tower is freely accessible and open without restrictions.

You would find the Alexandrovka lookout tower on the edge of the Babická plateau, on a high wooded slope above the town of Adamov near Blansko in the Brno-venkov district. Its history is relatively long, so it has undergone a number of modifications.

On the site of the current lookout tower, there used to be a lookout pavilion made of wood on the initiative of the Austrian Tourist Club. The project was then developed by Oscar Mratschek and the grand opening took place on September 4, 1887. It was named after Alexander Suchánek, the Imperial Council, who was probably the greatest promoter of the building.

The building was then 15 meters high and had a high pointed roof and a viewing gallery. The period after the Second World War was not very famous for the lookout tower. It fell into disrepair and was not repaired until the 1960s. However, the tower was not initially used as a lookout tower, but as a transmitting device. Therefore, it did not even serve these purposes at this time, and those who wanted to get to the iron gallery had to use a steel ladder. The tower was in such a state until 2007, when it was completely closed.

Adamov's management decided to repair the lookout tower only in 2007. The intention was to build a new staircase, a new superstructure, so that the total height of the lookout tower would increase to 16.5 meters. The reconstruction began in June 2008. It was carried out by the company EKOSTAV Líšeň, but after failing to meet the completion deadline and, in addition, the budget increase, the city of Adamov terminated the contract with this company.

The company of Vlastimil Otáhl from Kobylí undertook new reconstructions. The lookout tower was inaugurated on May 16, 2009.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová