Klucanina lookout tower near Tišnov

During your stay in Tišnov, also visit the local lookout tower and do not miss the magical view that you will get from it!

Information for visitors

Adress: Halasova, Tišnov
GPS: 49.34668100, 16.44049400
Klucanina lookout tower near Tišnov map

Interesting facts Klucanina lookout tower near Tišnov

This brick lookout tower is located on the hill Klucanina about 1 km from Tišnov to the east and about 25 km from Brno to the northwest. It is located at an altitude of 402 meters and was officially opened on October 11, 2003.

The lookout tower is 29.3 meters high, while the viewing platform is located at a height of 24.6 meters above the ground. 133 steps lead to it and there is a beautiful view of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, in the northwest to the hill Květnice, Tišnov, Babí lom and Bukovec. Information boards will facilitate your orientation on the viewing platform.

You can easily get to the lookout tower from the center of Tišnov by following the blue tourist sign.

The lookout tower is open daily and freely accessible without restrictions.

The Klucanina lookout tower was established on the initiative of the Rozhled na Tišnov association, which was established in May 2001. Its members sought primarily to improve the local cultural life and development of the Tišnov region. Their intention was, among other things, to restore the lookout tower on the nearby Klucanina hill.

There used to be a lookout tower on this hill. It was built by the Czech Tourists Club in 1934, but its condition gradually deteriorated, until it had to be closed for good in the 1950s. No one sought its restoration, so it gradually fell into disrepair until it collapsed. At the beginning of the new millennium, only a torso of a stone wall remained after it.

The construction of the current lookout tower began in the summer of 2002. The construction was financed from the public collection, the association, the Tišnov town hall, etc. The construction costs climbed to approximately 3.2 million crowns. The lookout tower was designed by Luboš Chvíla and Helena Chvílová. The lookout tower has two observation decks and an outdoor platform, located just below the top.

The grand opening of the lookout tower took place on October 11, 2003.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová