Lookout tower on Podluží near Nový Podvorov

Who wouldn't want to have the White Carpathians, Pálava and other corners of South Moravia in the palm of your hand? Try this feeling for yourself and visit the lookout tower on Podluží!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Nový Poddvorov
GPS: 48.86257100, 16.96807100
Lookout tower on Podluží near Nový Podvorov map

Interesting facts Lookout tower on Podluží near Nový Podvorov

The Na Podluží iron lookout tower stands on a hill between Prušánky and Poddvorov, approximately 7 km west of Hodonín. It was officially opened on April 16, 2010 and is located at an altitude of 260 meters.

A total of 160 steps lead to the viewing platform. The total height of the lookout tower is 30 meters and offers a beautiful view of the Austrian border, the White Carpathians, the Little Carpathians, Chřiby, Pálava, the Lednice-Valtice area and the Lower Moravian valley.

You will find the lookout tower about half a kilometer behind Nový Poddvorov in a southerly direction, specifically by the local road towards Prušánky. There is a turn from the road No. 55, connecting Hodonín and Břeclav. The cycle route No. 5115 will also take you to the lookout tower, but you can also get here by car.

The lookout tower is located in the Hodonín district and its origin is related to the Podluží-Cerová Tourist Lookout Tower project, within which it was established. In 2007, the Association of Municipalities of Podluží, which brings together a total of 14 municipalities, conducted a survey on its website, focusing on public opinion on the topic of the construction of a lookout tower. The results clearly showed a prevailing positive opinion, which was also the main impetus for the construction of the lookout tower.

In the spring of 2008, a construction project was drawn up and at the same time the Podluží Region applied for European funds for co-financing. This was granted in August 2009, after which the construction contractor, Kovostavby Trade s.r.o., was chosen. Hodonín.

The place between Prušánky and Nový Poddvorov was chosen as the construction area and the new site of the lookout tower. This place is also called "at the cross" or "under the chestnut tree".

The lookout tower was completed during November 2009. A building about 30 meters high was erected, resembling a mining tower with its galvanized material. This fact did not arise by chance, but it was an intention to recall the importance of mining this raw material in this region, even more recently.

The project was developed by Ing. Miroslav Kopecký and Stanislav Fatěna. The total cost of building the lookout tower almost reached the level of six million crowns. The construction was about 90% financed from EU funds.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová