Bismarck's lookout tower on Zelená hora near Cheb

Why not try something unconventional and visit one of the lookout towers in the Karlovy Vary region? An excellent tip is the Biskarck lookout tower on Zelená hora near Cheb, whose qualities you can see for yourself!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Cheb
GPS: 50.07071500, 12.30645200
Bismarck's lookout tower on Zelená hora near Cheb map

Interesting facts Bismarck's lookout tower on Zelená hora near Cheb

The stone lookout tower, named after German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, stands on Zelená hora, approximately 6 km west of Cheb. It was built during the summer of 1909 and its grand opening took place on October 3, 1909.

The lookout tower is located at an altitude of 637 meters and its total height is 18 meters. A total of 72 steps lead to the viewing platform, located at a height of 15.5 meters above the ground. From the tower it is possible to see Cheb region, Slavkov forest, Smrčiny, Skalka and part of Šumava.

You can get to the lookout tower relatively easily, for example from Cheb. From here, head towards Pomezí n. O. At the end of Cheb, turn left towards the Mašek guest house. The road then leads under the viaduct. You can follow the tourist signs or bike path signs.
If you go to the lookout tower by car, it is possible to drive directly to it. Only if the barrier at the forest is closed, you can park your car next to it and walk the rest of the way to the lookout tower.

The massive stone lookout tower has been located here since 1909. However, Bismarck's lookout tower was not the first lookout structure on Zelená hora. The first was a simple beam construction and stood here between 1881 and 1907. Its construction was mainly due to the Cheb Ornamental Association. The lookout tower was a total of 14 meters high and after twenty-six years it had to be demolished due to poor technical condition.

Even in the same year, the Committee for the Construction of a Lookout Tower was established in Cheb and a public collection was announced. The required amount was selected in a relatively short time, so the construction of the lookout tower could begin. The project was then designed by architect Rolf Beier and the grand opening of the building took place on October 3, 1909. The original name of the lookout tower was Nová rozhledna on Zelená hora, but it was soon renamed Bismarckova. Before the First World War, there was a tourist hut and hospitality next to the lookout tower. Both were later demolished.

Because the lookout tower was located in the border zone after 1945, entry was prohibited. The public lost awareness of it, and some even thought it had been demolished.

In 1973, a transmitter was built next to the lookout tower, and after 1989, the lookout tower was reopened to the public. However, the view was obscured by the surrounding trees, so it did not fulfill its function too much. In 2003, it had to be closed again due to its poor technical condition.

The lookout tower was reconstructed in 2005. In 2009, on the occasion of the centenary of the lookout tower, its surroundings were equipped with benches and tables. Every year in June, the Bismarck Lookout Tower Day is held here, which accompanies the cultural and sports program.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová