Hamelika in Mariánské Lázně

Did the region around the Marianske Lazne enchant you? Get to know it in a slightly untraditional way, from the viewpoint of the Hamelika lookout tower!

Information for visitors

Adress: Goethovo nám., Mariánské Lázně
GPS: 49.97245000, 12.70963300
Hamelika in Mariánské Lázně map

Interesting facts Hamelika in Mariánské Lázně

The stone lookout tower, standing on the Hamelika hill south of the center of Mariánské Lázně, is located at an altitude of 722 meters. It was officially opened in 1876 and its total height is 23 meters.

A total of 100 steps lead to its viewpoint, at a height of 20 meters above the ground. The top of the tower will offer you a magical view of a part of Mariánské Lázně, unfortunately without a colonnade, Slavkovský les, Český les, Zelená hora with a transmitter, etc.

The lookout tower is freely accessible and open daily without restrictions.

The lookout tower is easily accessible and can be reached very easily. From the center of Mariánské Lázně, a red tourist sign leads to the Krakonoš hotel and to the village of Zádub. The car can be parked at the Panorama Hotel; the lookout tower is located just 100 meters above it. Since 2007, you can also use the trail called Spa Forests.

The Hamelika lookout tower bears the same name as the hill on which it stands. Previously, this hill was called the Viewpoint of Francis Joseph I. Or the Imperial Height. The name Homolika was created by distorting the name Homolka.

The appearance of the lookout tower was not determined at the beginning and there were discussions around it. The project of architect Friedrich Zickler planned a cylindrical stone building with a total height of 20 meters without a roof. The local councilors were not satisfied with this proposal, who thought that a covered lookout tower would be more practical for tourists.

The construction of the lookout tower took place in the summer of 1876. It was first opened to the public in the autumn of the same year. It has a typical romantic look, which is completed by torsos of the walls.

A major reconstruction of the lookout tower was expected in 2005-2006. At that time, it was equipped with a new gallery with a roof. In addition, the observation deck was equipped with information boards. The masonry of the tower was repaired and jointed, and the interior of the tower also underwent reconstruction.

There are two more viewpoints near the Hamelika lookout tower. You will come across the first one on the way between Hamelika and the Krakonoš hotel. It has a wooden lookout with the form of a hunting lodge. The second one is called Nová Vyhlídka and you will come across it on the red spa walking route on the way to the Prelate's Spring.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová