Mařenka lookout tower near Štěměchy

Visit the unusually looking lookout tower Mařenka u Štěměch, enjoy the beautiful view and enjoy a pleasant walk! This lookout tower is located on the wooded peak of Mařenka about 3 km from the village Štěměchy and about 18 km southwest of Třebíč. It is located at an altitude of 711 meters and was officially opened to the public on October 27, 2012.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Štěměchy
GPS: 49.22773900, 16.11758600
Mařenka lookout tower near Štěměchy map

Interesting facts Mařenka lookout tower near Štěměchy

Its total height is 31.3 meters and is built of stone, wood, reinforced concrete and steel.

Mařenka Hill can be found between the villages of Štěměchy and Želetava in the Třebíč district. It is the highest hill in this wooded belt. The hill was named after the girl Mariana, who was killed on it in 1689 by robbers. In her memory, a stone of reconciliation with a cross is placed directly on the hill.

This hill was also used for surveying purposes in the past. In 1941, a trigonometric tower was built here, which also served tourists as a lookout tower. In 1957, however, it was destroyed by a storm. The idea of ​​building a new lookout tower here has been debated since 2003. The lookout tower was established mainly thanks to the Voluntary Union of Podhůří Mařenky Municipalities, which united seven municipalities.

The lookout tower was to be 25 meters high and had the form of a steel tube with a metal staircase. In the final solution, however, a much more original project was chosen, namely a tower with a base in the shape of a spherical triangle, while more materials were to be used for the construction.

The base of the lookout tower is 9 meters high. It is followed by a metal structure and a spindle staircase. The tower also incorporates wooden elements to harmonize well with the surrounding landscape. The project of the lookout tower was prepared by Ing. arch. Martin Franěk.
The grand opening of the lookout tower took place on October 27, 2012.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová