Lookout tower on Anenský vrch in the Orlické Mountains

We invite you on a hike to the Anenská lookout tower in the Orlické Mountains! The physical effort of climbing the tower will be rewarded with a view that will have the Eagle Mountains in the palm of your hand!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bartošovice v Orlických horách
GPS: 50.22107200, 16.51239400
Lookout tower on Anenský vrch in the Orlické Mountains map

Interesting facts Lookout tower on Anenský vrch in the Orlické Mountains

Wood in combination with steel was chosen for the construction of the lookout tower. It is located on Anenský vrch in the Orlické Mountains at an altitude of 991 meters and was officially opened on October 28, 2010.

The lookout tower is a total of 17 meters high. A total of 65 steps lead to the viewing platform, located at a height of 12 meters. After overcoming them, a beautiful circular view of the entire Eagle Mountains, Kralický Sněžník, as well as the Rychnov and Žamberk regions will spread out in front of you.

From Mezivrší you can get to the lookout tower by following the red tourist sign. Blue will take you here from Říčky and green again from Horní Rokytnice. If you want to take a longer walk, you can continue along the Jirásek ridge path that Anenský vrch crosses.

The lookout tower is open all year round without restrictions.

The lookout tower on Anenský vrch is located near Říčky. In 1766, the gamekeeper Johan Kastner built the chapel of St. Anny, which stood here until 1937. Around 1910, a simpler wooden tower was built next to the chapel, equipped with a narrow viewing platform, which had a capacity for up to four visitors. Below it was a steel shelter for tourists or skiers, which was caught in bad weather and wanted to hide here. The lookout tower disappeared sometime during the First World War.
The project for the new lookout tower was prepared by the architect Olšina and the implementation was carried out by Teplotechna Ostrava, a.s. The construction took place from July to October in 2010. Together with the lookout tower, rest facilities, information boards, etc. were also built. The ceremonial opening of the lookout tower was set for 28 October 2010.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová