Ještěd lookout tower

The Ještěd lookout tower is a lesser-known term for the dominant feature at the top of Ještěd. This is the most famous lookout tower of the Jizera Mountains, from where you can see half of Bohemia, a large part of Germany and Poland.

Information for visitors

Adress: Horní Hanychov 153, Liberec
GPS: 50.73261530, 14.98505080
Ještěd lookout tower map

Interesting facts Ještěd lookout tower

History of construction

It must be said that the current lookout tower on Ještěd is not the first lookout tower that has ever stood here. The first lookout tower stood here as early as 1876. Even earlier, a large cross was erected here in 1737. In 1907, the previous one was replaced by a stone building with a lookout tower 23 meters high. Unfortunately, it did not survive here either and it burned down in 1964. However, Ještěd did not remain empty for a long time and already in 1973 it gained a dominant that made it famous all over the world.

About the construction

The Ještěd lookout tower is a respectable 100 meters high. It is based on a circular floor plan with a diameter of 33 m. Zdeněk Patrman helped him with the statics of the building, and Otakar Binar took care of the unique interior, which is also highly valued today.

What it looks like inside

On the base plate, ie in the basement, you will find an engine room and a warehouse. On the first floor there are offices and a television transmission hall, which is connected to the antenna systems on the ninth floor via an elevator and an emergency staircase in the middle oven. The rest of the first floor (about half) is occupied by the kitchen of the hotel restaurant. On the second floor there is a covered covered terrace, which allows covered direct access to the building from road level. On the second floor, between the supporting columns, there is a buffet and previously there was also a staff dining room. There are also souvenirs, a reception and a staircase. Stairs hung on an external support cylinder take you to the third floor with a restaurant, café, bar and representation lounge. On the fourth and fifth floor are the rooms of a three-star hotel. There are 12 double rooms and one apartment around the perimeter of the transmitter.

The function of the building is a television transmitter, a lookout tower, a hotel and a restaurant. The building has been listed as a Czech cultural monument since 1998 and is nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.