Slovanka lookout tower

Take a hike to the Slovanka hill and enjoy the view from the local lookout tower! You will definitely not be disappointed with the view!

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Adress: , Horní Maxov
GPS: 50.77321100, 15.19625600
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Interesting facts Slovanka lookout tower

The iron lookout tower has been located on Slovanka Hill since 1887. It is located above the settlement of Hrabětice, approximately 10 km north of Jablonec nad Nisou. The tower is located at an altitude of 820 meters.

The lookout tower with a total height of 11 meters is equipped with a foundation with a height of 4 meters. The viewing platform is located at a height of 10 meters and leads to it 56 steps. After overcoming them, you will have a view of Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Ještěd, the Jizera Mountains, the Bohemian Paradise and the Giant Mountains.

You can easily get to the lookout tower from Hrabětice, from where a green marked hiking trail leads. The car must be parked under the forest and the rest of the road, about 200 meters, you have to walk.

The lookout tower is open daily all year round without restrictions.

The lookout tower on Slovance in the Jizera Mountains is the oldest iron lookout tower in our republic. It was built in 1887 on the initiative of three offshoots of the Mountain Association, Jablonec and Josefodol. The construction weighs almost 5.5 tons. The construction project was prepared by the Wagner company, which exhibited this lookout tower at the World Exhibition of Ironworks in Vienna.
Parts for the construction of the lookout tower were imported from Vienna. The construction itself was completed by three workers in just seventeen days, and the foundation was completed in a day. The grand opening, which took place on August 14, 1887, was attended by a total of 5,000 people. The entrance fee, which was voluntary, covered the costs of construction and import of structural parts.

A tourist hut once stood near the lookout tower, but it burned down in 1895 after being struck by lightning. The cottage was called Slovanka, as well as the hill and the lookout tower. A new cottage was not built here until 1928. The problem with the cottage was always maintenance, which did not receive funding. In 1997, access was even banned here.

In 1999, the lookout tower was entered on the list of state-protected technical monuments. The lookout tower later underwent a major reconstruction and the second grand opening on July 5, 2000. Subsequently, the spruces in the area were felled, so the view from the lookout tower was significantly improved.

In 2003, the motif of the Slovance lookout tower was used on postage stamps. Near the lookout tower is the Slovanka cottage, which was renovated in 2009.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová