Observation tower of the reservoir in Bohumín

Take advantage of the opportunity and visit the lookout tower, located directly in the town of Bohumín! It will make your day more pleasant with a magical view and you can also visit the aqua park, which is located in its immediate vicinity!

Information for visitors

Adress: Koperníkova 1215, Bohumín
GPS: 49.90947800, 18.36574700
Observation tower of the reservoir in Bohumín map

Interesting facts Observation tower of the reservoir in Bohumín

The lookout tower is located in the reservoir building in Bohumín, the local part of Nový Bohumín on Koperníkova Street. It is a brick reservoir with a lookout tower at an altitude of about 200 meters. The total height of the reservoir is 39 meters and a total of 187 steps lead to the viewing platform.

The road to the reservoir from the central square T.G.Masaryka is about 0.5 km long. All you have to do is follow the local signs in the direction of the water park, which is located very close to the reservoir.

The current building is a great combination of a tourist lookout tower and a water reservoir from 1934. In 2002, the building was sold by the North Moravian water mains and sewers of Ostrava to the town of Bohumín. At that time, the reservoir no longer fulfilled its function, so the city planned to adapt it to a lookout with exhibition spaces and apartments. The aforementioned aqua park was also built in the immediate vicinity, but the original intention to modify the reservoir was abandoned and in the end a reservoir was created for a guest house with a café and a viewpoint.

TCHAS started the reconstruction in 2005 and the work lasted almost a year. The current reservoir building has a total of eight floors, its diameter is 8.5 m and offers accommodation for 36 people. The ground floor of the building is dedicated to the hall, the reception and the boarding station of the elevator, leading to the center of the reservoir. On the six floors of the building you will find rooms where you can stay. Each floor offers two rooms with two beds. The entire reservoir area is barrier-free and even offers a room for the disabled. The eighth floor is dedicated to the restaurant, the seventh observation deck, which offers a view of three sides of the world. Visitors can use either an elevator or a glass staircase to travel to the lookout.

The building was named "Pension in the Tower" and opened on January 30, 2006. This event was accompanied by a "run up the stairs", a recessionary event, which, however, took place and since then is held every year.

In 2007, the construction won the Best Investment of 2006 award at the Brno Construction Fair in the Top Invest competition.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová