Velký Javorník lookout tower

Directly on the very top of Velký Javorník (918 meters above sea level), a lookout tower was only recently opened. Its grand opening took place on August 15, 2013 and is thus the youngest lookout tower in the Beskydy Mountains. It can be found in the westernmost sub-area of the Beskydy Mountains, in Hodslavický Javorník, or also Věřovické vrchy.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velký Javorník, Veřovice
GPS: 49.52728610, 18.16087220
Velký Javorník lookout tower map

Interesting facts Velký Javorník lookout tower

Lookout towers in the area

In the area of ​​the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, the network of lookout towers is relatively dense. In the vicinity of Velký Javorník is one of the most famous Jurkovič lookout tower, which is about 7.5 km away as the crow flies. At 8 km distant Štramberk we find the famous Štramberk trumpet and at approximately the same distance is Bezruč's lookout near Kopřivnice, which unfortunately cannot be seen from the top of Velký Javorník. A little further away there is another lookout tower, Okrouhlá u Staříče.

About the lookout tower

The lookout tower was approved on August 8, 2013 and the construction work took only ten months. The total height of the lookout tower is 25.9 meters and offers a total of two platforms at heights of 15.3 meters and 20.3 meters.

The total cost of the construction of the lookout tower climbed to 3.3 million crowns and the main investor is Lesy ČR.

The concept of the lookout tower is to copy the Beskydy architecture. It is designed as a wooden building and is the second building of its kind in Velký Javorník. The first lookout tower stood here in 1934, measuring 13 meters and was modified from the original triangulation tower from 1929. In 1967 it had to be demolished due to its poor condition.

Road to the lookout tower

The lookout tower on Velký Javorník is freely accessible to tourists. You can reach the viewpoints via a broken staircase and climb a total of nine floors. If the weather is favorable, you will see Lysá hora, Radhošť and Smrk from here. In a greater distance you will be able to see Ondřejník, Ostrava and other places.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová