Lookout tower Háj u Šumperka

Did you fall in love with the region around Šumperk? Then go to the local lookout tower Háj and get to know the beauties of the local nature from a bird's eye view!

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Adress: , Šumperk
GPS: 49.97057800, 16.93385500
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Interesting facts Lookout tower Háj u Šumperka

The wooden lookout tower on the Háj u Šumperka hill has been standing since 1996. It is located approximately 2 km to the west of the town of Šumperk, at an altitude of 632 meters.

Its total height without antennas is 28.7 meters. A total of 133 steps lead to the viewing platform at a height of 24 meters above the ground. From the tower you will have a beautiful view of the entire ridge of the rough Jeseník, starting with Skřítek, through Ztracené kameny, Pec, Praděd and Červenohorský sedlo and ending with the town of Šumperk.

From Šumperk, a yellow tourist sign will take you to the lookout tower, all the way to the Saddle at the Red Cross. From here, turn left onto the green tourist sign. In total, this road is about 3 km long.

If you are driving, you can leave it at the Na Vápenici za Temenicí stop - the local part of Šumperk, and from there walk along the yellow tourist sign to the crossroads and from there continue along the red one. This road is approximately 1.5 km long.

The lookout tower on Háj near Šumperk has dominated the southwestern horizon of the city for many years. Among the locals, the hills are also called Senová, which probably originated from the German Heuköppe (heu means hay).

The history of the lookout tower began to be written in 1934, when the Czech Tourists' Club and crew soldiers built Štefánik's lookout tower here. Its grand opening took place on June 17, 1934. Subsequently, it was equipped with a wooden cladding. During World War II, the lookout tower was used by the Germans and at the end of the war it served as an anti-aircraft observatory.

After the war, the lookout tower was managed by the Czech Tourists Club, and in 1948 by TJ Sokol. In 1953, it was struck by lightning and burned down.
The restoration of the lookout tower was not considered until the 1970s. The speech was resp. Rather, the construction of a new lookout tower, projects were developed for the construction, which, however, did not take place in the end.

The intention to build a lookout tower did not take place until the 1990s. At that time, the funds of all municipalities located in the Háj cadastre, namely Šumperk, Bludov and Ruda nad Moravou, were combined. Telecom and Eurotel also contributed funds. The construction project was prepared by Ing. Vladimír Malaska and Ivo Barvíř. The lookout tower has a modern look and perfectly resembles the original Štefánik lookout tower.

The ceremonial opening of the lookout tower took place on September 29, 1996 and immediately became a destination for tourists, not only locals, but also from all over the Czech Republic, Europe and overseas.

The lookout tower has a wooden supporting structure, wood paneling, a stone entrance part and the viewing platform is glazed. Compared to the original lookout tower, this one is 7 meters higher.

At present, the Czech Tourists Club Šumperk takes care of its operation.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová