Kozlovský kopec lookout tower

Visit the lookout tower, located just a few kilometers behind Česká Třebová! You can combine a trip to it with a romantic walk around the area!

Information for visitors

Adress: Kozlov 58, Česká Třebová
GPS: 49.88133000, 16.42559900
Kozlovský kopec lookout tower map

Interesting facts Kozlovský kopec lookout tower

The iron lookout tower on Kozlovské kopec near Česká Třebová also serves as a transmitter for the mobile operator. It is located at an altitude of 601 meters on Kozlovské hill, approximately 5 km from Česká Třebová to the southwest and 10 km from Ústí nad Orlicí to the south.

The lookout tower is a total of 55 meters high and 174 steps lead to the viewing platform. From a height of 32.8 meters you will have a view of the Eagle Mountains, the Giant Mountains, Králický Sněžník and the Jeseníky Mountains.

The best access to the lookout tower on Kozlovský Hill is from Max Švabinský's cottage, from which the road leads through a meadow, about 200 meters long. Directly from Česká Třebová, a red and blue tourist sign also leads to Kozlovský kopec.

Kozlovský hill is the dominant feature of the western side of Česká Třebová. Due to its remoteness, it is often associated with various mysterious superstitions. E.g. it was said that the hill hides a huge lake, which supplies its water to the spring Vrbovka, etc. Previously, it was also not visited and perhaps only occasionally visited by a mushroom picker. The first lookout tower on Kozlovský Hill has stood since 1929. It was made of wood and 29 meters high. The Czech Tourists Club was responsible for its construction and it was built by the staff of the Military Geographical Institute. At that time, only five classic wooden ladders led to the viewing platform, but even so, it became a popular place sought after by tourists.
High attendance in 1932 caused the construction of a more modest cottage. It was not completed until 1941 according to the project of Adolf Šimek. This is Max Švabisnický's cottage, which still stands in its place.

The first lookout tower on Kozlovský Hill did not last very long. In 1939, it was destroyed by lightning and the lookout tower had to be demolished in the end.

The new lookout tower on Kozlovský Hill has been standing since 2000. It is a standardized steel tower made by the EXCOM company. The grand opening took place on May 19, 2001. One third of it is owned by the city of Česká Třebová and two thirds by Radiomobil. Its operation is currently provided by the Czech Tourists Club.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová