Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice

The stone lookout tower is located on the Čerchov hill, approximately 20 km southwest of Domažlice. It stands at an altitude of 1041 meters and was first opened to the public in 1905.

Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice

Information for visitors

Adress: , Česká Kubice
GPS: 49.38330700, 12.78402900
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Interesting facts Lookout tower in Čerchov near Domažlice

A total of 129 steps lead to the viewing platform. From a height of 16.4 meters you will have a nice view of Domažlice, Babylon, Přimda, Plzeň, and if the weather permits you, you may also see the Alps or the Ore Mountains. The total height of the lookout tower is 19.2 meters.

One of the possible approaches is from Česká Kubica, from where the red tourist sign will take you to the crossroads Pod Čerchovem. From there to the lookout tower. The road is about 6 km long from the crossroads.
It is about 4 km from Capartice and about 3 km from the Black River along the blue tourist sign.
In May, June, September and October, it is open on weekends between 09:00 and 17:00. During the summer holidays, you can visit the lookout tower at the same time every day. If you would like to visit the lookout tower outside this time, it is necessary to agree in advance with the administrator.

Čerchov Hill is the highest point of the Bohemian Forest. The history of the lookout towers on this place began in the 19th century. The Czech Tourists' Club, as well as the German Tourist Association, were interested in building a lookout tower in Čerchov. The then owner of the estate, Count Stadion, supported the construction of the tower by donating wood to it. Carpenter Jakub Zelenka prepared the project for the construction and at the same time undertook its implementation. On July 15, 1894, a three-storey lookout tower 17 meters high was ceremoniously opened.

Three years later, a tourist cottage called Pasovského chýše was built nearby. Vratislav Pasovský was the then chairman of the Czech Tourists' Club, which contributed a lot to the construction of the lookout tower.

Despite the good construction, however, the tower did not withstand the local weather and in 1904 it had to be demolished. However, this variant was taken into account, and so plans for a new building began to emerge in 1900. Plans were drawn up by architect Pasovský and the foundation stone for the brick building was laid on May 23, 1904. The stone tower was equipped with a glazed gallery Czech Tourists Club. The building was completed in 1904 and was ceremoniously opened on July 16, 1905.

Passov's hut soon lost enough capacity for a relatively large number of tourists, and so in 1927 another cottage was built on the hill.

In 1938, the Čerchov complex was occupied by the German army and after the Second World War by the Czechoslovak army. In 1950, a SNB training center was established here and access to the lookout tower was banned for the public. During the 1970s, both cottages were demolished and the lookout tower was equipped with a not exactly aesthetic extension. In addition, a concrete radar tower was built near it.

The lookout tower was reopened only after 1989, but was closed for most of the year. It did not become the property of the Czech Tourists Club until 1999. It immediately began its repairs, which were completed the following year. The second grand opening therefore took place on 16 July 2000.

Since 2004, tourists can use a small snack near the lookout tower. In 2005, army buildings were demolished from Čerchov, which were already in poor condition. The lookout tower was last reconstructed in 2011.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová