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In the places of the current lookout towers, wooden buildings mostly stood. It was no different at the Koráb nad Kdyní lookout tower near Domažlice. It is located at an altitude of 773 meters and you can see from its now covered gallery a large part of Šumava, Čerchov and in clear weather the Alps.

Information for visitors

Adress: KDYNĚ 466, Kdyně
GPS: 49.39543670, 13.07519110
lookout tower Korab map

Interesting facts lookout tower Korab

Friends of the Czech Tourists' Club in Kdyně wanted to build a lookout tower as early as 1902. However, the plan failed to materialize due to lack of funds. It had to be many years before land could be purchased and the lookout tower built. Everything took place in the years 1936 - 1938 and it was not just about the prospect as such. At the same time, a restaurant was added, which was enriched two years later by another floor, used for accommodation, especially for skiers. They used a nearby ski bridge and improved their body and soul in these parts.

The joyous activities of avid enthusiasts ended in 1942, when the Ship was captured by the Germans. It was not until 1948 that everything returned to its old tracks, but with the necessary repairs and strengthening of the entire lookout tower. It then served the needs of the surroundings until the end of the 1980s, before it was replaced by a steel structure and a wooden part in the shape of a tube with a roofed viewing platform. This took place in 1992. The 21 meters suddenly became a giant and today the entire building rises to a height of 50 meters, even though the platform is at "only" 30 meters.

If you visit Koráb, you must go to the adjacent restaurant for the key. The helpful staff will wish you a pleasant view and add a map of the area to help you get to know your eyes. When you see it in the palm of your hand and the well-known leaning tower in Domažlice peeks out at you. So pack your binoculars and up to the clouds!

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý