Bolfánek lookout tower

A chapel once stood on the Žďár hill at an altitude of 587 meters. It was established in honor of the overnight stay of the Bishop of Regensburg Wolfgang, who was returning from Prague from the consecration of our Bishop Dětmar. It is said that a nearby cave became his refuge. The local people borrowed his name and began to call the chapel and later the tower Bolfánek in Czech.

Information for visitors

Adress: Kvapilova 67, Chudenice
GPS: 49.45963170, 13.16265280
Bolfánek lookout tower map

Interesting facts Bolfánek lookout tower

It is a remnant of a church that was built here in the 1920s. Josef Dobrovský, a well-known Czech revivalist and personality working at the chateau in nearby Chudenice, once served Mass here. He was an educator in the aristocratic Nostic and Černín family. And just one of them - František Josef Černín - had this large tabernacle built at the suggestion of the builder Maxmilián Kaňka. During the reign of Joseph II. the church was closed and at the beginning of the 19th century demolished and dismantled. All that remained was the tower, which got a new look in 1848. It rose to a height of 45 meters and beautified by imitating the top of the Black Tower in Klatovy. A very successful deed.

If you come here, you will still see the fortifications, but built in our century, or rather in recent years. The walls with arches enhance the beauty of the place where children meet to spend their holidays here. You may find them just as they use all the natural wealth to make shots from needles and paint a lot of pictures.

In the middle of the forest, you gain so much energy! And if the forest is enriched with traces of the past, then there is nothing to solve. The power of the universe and everything we can draw from it is right here on a silver platter. So absorb it in full sips, it is enough for everyone.

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý